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Ansar’s original wikipedia entry claimed: “He is particularly active on Twitter (as @MoAnsar) and has a popular blog called ‘Ansar’s on a Postcard’.”[1]


Mohammed Ansar began publishing to his blog on 15 April 2006[2].

A total of four entries for that year were published over the weekend of 15-16 April; three on Saturday and one on the Sunday[3]:

The blog then remained dormant until 8th August 2011, when he reveals in a blogpost entitled Phoenix from the flames;; that “Recently, I’ve taken to resurrecting a two year old stagnant Twitter account”[4].


Ansar has a facebook for personal use, and a facebook page where he presents himself as a Public Figure – Political and Social Commentator.

FireShot Screen Capture #2596 - 'Mohammed Ansar I Facebook' - www_facebook_com_MohammedAnsarUK


On 8th August 2011, Mohammed Ansar claimed to have recently resurrected his “two year old stagnant Twitter account”[7]. Ansar’s first tweet appears to have been on 6 March 2010:
@MoAnsar: “Open for business.”[8]
Ansar’s earliest tweets, from his twitturrection in June 2011 were to: the Guardian/Al Jazeera journalist Riazat Butt[9], the Guardian journalist Polly Curtis[10][11], New Statesman journalist Mehdi Hasan[12][13].

Additionally, Mohammed Ansar has a twitter account called Ansar Consulting:

Equalities – Diversity – Organisational Change & Development – Strategy – Consultation – Employment – Talent Management

FireShot Screen Capture #2598 - 'Ansar Consulting (AnsarConsulting) on Twitter' - twitter_com_AnsarConsulting

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