Ansar’s biography[1]  claimed:
“Mohammed is a public speaker, visiting university lecturer and appears regularly on television and radio. He runs a private consulting practice[2], is a community organiser[3] and is an outspoken civil rights activist. An experienced diversity expert and legal advocate, he is also involved in interfaith and education.”

In his original wikipedia biography, only one reference was given for the above claims; that of community organiser, while the link to his private consulting practice is no longer active.

The community organiser link led to a BBC news report about a different Mohammed Ansar.

=Public Speaker and Visiting University Lecturer=

==Visiting University Lecturer==
The original wikipedia profile stated that Ansar was a “visiting university lecturer” but in the discussion about the deletion of the wikipedia article, no reference was provided to support this claim<ref></ref&gt;
Ansar’s wix profile states: “visiting lecturer on Islamophobia, Islam in contemporary Britain and Theology”. Ansar’s twitter profile currently claims that he is a ””Visiting Lecturer”<ref>‎</ref&gt;. <br />
The evidence will now be examined below.<br />
===University of Winchester===
There is no evidence on the University of Winchester’s website that Ansar was a ”visiting university lecturer” at the University<ref></ref&gt;. To be a visiting lecturer, the minimum required qualification is ””a degree or equivalent qualification in a relevant discipline and a post graduate qualification is desirable””<ref></ref&gt;. There is no indication that he has been educated beyond Grammar school level in any of his online bios.
===Peter Symonds College===
Peter Symonds College is a 6th form college, so perhaps Mohammed Ansar gained some form of Level 3 qualification there. Alternatively, Ansar may not have been educated at Peter Symonds College, although the South East England Faiths Forum board member bio states that: ””he established the first multifaith chaplaincy at the largest college in the country and still runs a weekly session with his students.”<ref></ref&gt;. Peter Symonds college is not the largest in the country<ref></ref&gt;, so perhaps this is a typo, and instead the bio meant to say that Peter Symonds College is the largest in the ”’county”’ of Hampshire.<br/>
As mentioned in the [ wikipedia AfD on Mohammed Ansar], ””The use of the label ‘lecturer’ is misleading in this case as it implies academic qualifications.”” and therefore this has been deleted from the bio.
===Visiting Lecturer In Theology===
Since April 2012, Ansar has claimed several times to be either a ”theologian” or a ”lecturing theologian”: <ref></ref><ref></ref><ref></ref&gt;. No reference has been made by Ansar publicly as to his theological qualifications and no record exists on any university website for a visiting lecturer in Theology of that name.

==Talks and Debates at various Universities==
===Southampton University Islamic Society===
In January 2011, Ansar chaired a debate hosted at Southampton University Islamic Society between Clive Thorn and Adnan Rashid of the iERA/Hittin Institute<ref></ref><ref></ref&gt;.<br /><br />
On 25 September 2012, Ansar announced he was ””speaking at the University of Southampton this Friday”<ref></ref>&#8221;, 28th September 2012.<br />
===University College London Union Debating Society===
In January 2013, Ansar was one of four guest speakers participating in a debate organised by University College London Union’s Debating Society, entitled ”This house believes that religion does more harm than good”<ref></ref&gt;.<br />
===York Islamic Society===
In February 2013, Ansar delivered a ””talk””<ref></ref&gt; for York Islamic Society entitled ”Islam and Britain and the Muslim Civil Rights Crisis” <ref></ref&gt;. The lecture opened with a conspiracy theory about Muslims having intermarried with native Americans before the arrival of Columbus in 1492.<br />
===Lovell Lecture===
In April 2013, Mo Ansar announced that he’d been ””invited to give this year’s Lovell Lecture to be held at Winchester Cathedral in October.””<ref></ref&gt;. This refers to the annual Lovell Interfaith Lecture<ref></ref&gt; organised jointly by Winchester University, Winchester Cathedral and the Lovell Family, and ought not to be confused with the annual Lovell Lecture held at Jodrell Bank in honour of Sir Bernard Lovell<ref></ref&gt;.
On 8 October 2013, Mo Ansar gave a lecture at Winchester Cathedral entitled ‘Facing Secularism Together’. He was presented to the audience as: ””a political and social commentator who regularly appears on British television and radio and has extensive experience in countering extremism””.


Ansar has held, in total, three directorships<ref></ref&gt; since July 2008: two incarnations of Ansar Consulting Ltd, and; his first, a limited company named Securum Ltd<ref></ref&gt;.
==Ansar Consulting==
As discussed above, the link given to Ansar’s private consulting practice, [ Ansar Consulting], is no longer active. A google search shows that it exists as an entity in social media: on twitter as [ @AnsarConsulting], and; on facebook as [ Ansar Consulting].
A search in companies records shows that Ansar Consulting Ltd was struck off and dissolved on 26th February 2013<ref></ref&gt; and had never submitted documentation since its incorporation on 15 July 2011<ref></ref&gt;. Additionally, a previous limited company, also named Ansar Consulting Ltd<ref></ref&gt; was incorporated 18 August 2008, and struck off and dissolved 26 March 2010<ref></ref&gt;. This earlier incarnation had also failed to submit the required documentation<ref></ref&gt;. <br />
As Ansar’s private consulting practice was struck off in February 2013, the reference has been changed to the past tense, and the link changed to the data held about the company, instead of the defunct website.
==Securum Limited==
:””Securum Ltd was incorporated on 22 Jul 2008 and is located in London. The company’s status is listed as “Dissolved” and it had 3 directors at the time it closed. It was founded by Mr Jabraan Azlam, Mr Mohammed Ansar<ref></ref&gt;, Mr Shahid Zeeb. Securum Ltd does not have any subsidiaries. “<ref></ref>&#8221;
Mohammed Ansar<ref></ref&gt; co-directed Securum Limited with Mr Shahid Zeeb<ref></ref&gt; and Mr Jabraan Azlam<ref></ref&gt;:
:””Mohammed Ansar is an experienced business professional and senior manager. His work history includes more than a decade as a senior manager for top 5 UK banking institution

:Shahid Zeeb has worked in the security industry for over 10 years. As a seasoned professional he has worked in offering consultation and advice on both a personal and corporate level

:Jabraan Azlam is an experienced security professional with a specialisation in static site security and management of staff”<ref></ref&gt;.”
Ansar’s description of himself as a senior manager is not borne out by the citation from an employment tribunal, where Ansar represented himself against Lloyds Bank PLC. In that citation, the only senior managers mentioned in that top 5 banking institution were those superior to Ansar himself<ref></ref&gt;.
Securum Ltd was struck off and dissolved on 2 March 2010 after it failed to file the required documents<ref></ref&gt;.
===Securum co-directors===
====Shahid Zeeb====
Ansar’s co-director Shahid Zeeb had, for two days in March 2008, been a co-director of Hanson Leisure Ltd, a retailer of ””alcoholic & other beverages””<ref></ref&gt;.
:””Shahid Zeeb has worked in the security industry for over 10 years. As a seasoned professional he has worked in offering consultation and advice on both a personal and corporate level”<ref></ref&gt;.”
====Jabraan Azlam====
:””Jabraan Azlam is an experienced security professional with a specialisation in static site security and management of staff”<ref></ref&gt;.”
Ansar’s other co-director, Jabraan Azlam<ref></ref&gt;, was alleged to be Mohammed Ansar’s brother<ref></ref&gt;. Following a search of the British Births register, it has now been confirmed that they are maternal half-brothers. <br />
Jabraan Azlam (born Jobraan Azlam, 1986 Watford) was one of the six Khan Line drug gang members arrested on 6 June 2011<ref></ref&gt;.<br />
On 26 March 2012, Azlam was sentenced to four years<ref></ref&gt; for his involvement in the Khan Line drug gang<ref></ref&gt; as a drug runner, to which he pleaded guilty<ref></ref&gt;:
:””[…] Jabraan Azlam, who pleaded guilty to the conspiracy on re-arraignment […] was sentenced to four years’ imprisonment.”
:”Jabraan Azlam was dealt with as a runner, pure and simple, without the element of additional trust which was identified in Kazim’s case. Moreover, he was entitled to significantly greater credit for his guilty plea.”<ref></ref>”<br />


=Community Organiser=

The reference on the original wikipedia page that supported the claim that Mohammed Ansar is a community organiser leads to a different Mohammed Ansar, who lives in Oldham, not the Mohammed Ansar originating from Watford and now living in Hampshire. The Oldham-based Mohammed Ansar was more recently quoted in the following reference<ref></ref&gt;.<br />
[[User:Contemporaryanarchist|Contemporary Anarchist]] 17:38, 18 April 2013 (UTC)
==Southampton Flood Relief Campaign==
In September 2010, Ansar is listed in the Southampton Echo as an organiser for the Southampton Flood Relief Campaign””The Southampton Flood Relief Campaign which began with a few families in Chandler’s Ford, has spawned a Southampton and Hampshire-wide scheme that organiser Mohammed Ansar hopes will involve everyone from schools to the Women’s Institute.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
==Muslim Council of Southampton==
In July 2011, Ansar was described by the Reverts website as ””currently part of the Muslim Council of Southampton”<ref></ref>&#8221;. The Muslim Council of Southampton’s website is [ No mention of Ansar could be found on its website.<br />
[[User:Contemporaryanarchist|Contemporary Anarchist]] 00:31, 19 April 2013 (UTC)


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