Ansar has claimed on twitter that:

@MoAnsar 7:55 PM – 11 Mar 2012: I work as a chaplain at a 6th form college and university ref

Peter Symonds College

On Mo Ansar’s bio, he claimed that:

Regularly engaging in interfaith, Mohammed established the first multi-faith chaplaincy at Peter Symonds College, one of the largest sixth form colleges in Britain. ref

he established the first multifaith chaplaincy at the largest college in the country and still runs a weekly session with his students. ref

However there is no record of this anywhere. The only record for a chaplain at Peter Symonds college is:

Peter Seal [who] has been Chaplain of Peter Symonds College since 2000. ref

Only one student has mentioned Ansar’s invovlement at Peter Symonds:

Sean Oakley – 16 Apr 2014: Nice to see Mohammed Ansar in there! He led some lunch classes at my college in Winchester, Peter Symonds, back in the day. ref

Sean Oakley was at Peter Symonds between 2008-2010 ref.

Former Prison Chaplain

@MoAnsar 1:47 PM – 7 Dec 2012: @SamMaloneUK @TellMamaUK It sounds a high %age but accurate qualitatively (having been a prison chaplain). Highlights discr. penal system. ref

@MoAnsar 10:40 AM – 11 Dec 2012: As an fmr prison chaplain, we see lots of increasing numbers of strong, praying, practising Muslims converting in prison. ref

No knowledge of which Prison, but Winchester area would be best place to begin the search.

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