Diversity and Equality


Mohammed Ansar attended a basic diversity and equality training course along with other Hampshire Independent Equality Forum members in April 2010.


28 November 2012, Mohammed Ansar claimed several times on twitter that he has worked for 15 years in equality/diversity:

10 December 2012:

1 January 2013:

7 January 2013:

8 January 2013:

17 April 2013:

22 April 2013:

16 May 2013:

Between May and October, another two years is added by Ansar: 6 October 2013:

One day later,  Ansar increases his tally to two decades:
7 October 2013:

On 20 October, Ansar claims that he works “as a Head of Diversity for an organisation in the South”. He doesn’t say which organisation. 20 October 2013:

He repeats his claim to be “Head of Diversity”, some seven days later:
27 October 2013:

In November 2013, Ansar claims he is “a change specialist in the private sector”. 7 November 2013:

Ansar describes himself as “a diversity lead”:
20 November 2013:

Ansar claims he’ll “be back in Parliament to talk abt new diversity”: 3 December 2013:

4 December 2013:

Ansar says he’s “been working in equalities and diversity for decades”: 8 December 2013:

Ansar describes himself as “a diversity lead in the corporate sector”:
18 December 2013:

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