On BBC Radio 4’s World at One on 14 April 2014, Mohammed Ansar claimed to be an educationalist. He had previously made the same claim on twitter.

Interfaith Question Time

On 28th April 2011, Mohammed Ansar, along with two other SACRE panel members, visited Cove School in Hampshire for ‘Interfaith Question Time:

How can a belief drive actions? Is it ever right to fight? These are just some of the questions that Year 10 Philosophy and Ethics students asked members of Hampshire’s SACRE (Standing Advisory Committee for Religious Education) during an Interfaith Question Time held in the school hall on Thursday 28th April.The students put their questions to Mr Mohammed Ansar (Muslim), Mrs Elizabeth Jenkerson (Baha’i), and Mr Chris Hughes(Christian), and were interested to discover for themselves the value of interfaith dialogue.[0]

Children’s Commissioner’s Takeover Day 2012

Children’s Commissioner’s Takeover Day 2012 took place on Friday 23 November[0].

      The Diocesan Director of Education for the C. of E. Dioceses of Portsmouth & Winchester has invited the Head Boy and Head Girl of The Bishop of Winchester Academy to Takeover his role on Friday 23 November 2012. It is expected that they will meet with:

    • Rt Revd Jonathan Frost, Bishop of Southampton;
    • Councillor Roy Perry, Executive Lead Member for Children’s Services, Hampshire CC;
    • Councillor Anna McNair Scott, Chair of Hampshire SACRE;
    • Prof Joy Carter, Vice-Chancellor of The University of Winchester;
    • Mohammed Ansar, Muslim Political & Social Commentator, Visiting Lecturer, Blogger, Legal Advocate, MCB.

The Head Boy and Head Girl will discuss issues relevant to the work of the Diocesan Director and of concern to themselves as ‘consumers’ of education

BBC Radio 4 World at One

Mohammed Ansar appeared on BBC Radio 4 World at One on 14th April 2014 to discuss the investigations into radicalisation in Birmingham schools, where he claimed to be an ‘educationalist’.
Martha Kearney: We’re joined now from Southampton by the political commentator, Mohammed Ansar.
And what do you think about the fact that the council has now widened its enquiry?
Mo Ansar: “I don’t think – we have to welcome the fact that they’re widening this enquiry and that there’s going to be proper investigation. One of the striking issues related to this case is how intitially the Secretary of State decided to press forward that initially, the governor of we have to be very very cautious that we’re throwing a spark into a powder keg.
Martha Kearney: Although it does seem that there are a number of allegations. The council has said it has had 200 complaints including from parents and staff.
Mo Ansar: And allegations do need to be investigated. We do need to keep in mind we are living in an era where i-i- there is almost a new McCarthyism. Witchunts going on against Muslims. Whether you’re an elected mayor in East London. Whether you’re a senior cabinet mini .. or government minister. Whether you’re a social commentator for that end, or whether you’re a Muslim school. I mean, these schools that we are talking about live in and function in very deprived areas. 80% of British Muslims live on or below the poverty line. And just ten or twenty years ago in these schools not even 1% of students were achieving C-grades and above and now we have over 95% of pupils attaining and achieving C-grades and above, and that’s been an incredible turnaround. And sadly, I think these some of these things are going to detract from the good work these schools have done. The fact that they are being called Islamic plots and Trojan Horses I think is incredibly unhelpful and is just fuelling hysteria.
Martha Kearney. Can you be certain that there isn’t any truth in these allegations?
Mo Ansar: Journalistic integrity is, journalistic integrity is important. We are now living in an era where unfounded spurious allegations which are written from anonymous sources are coming to light. And people are beginning to question why the Secretary of State, why Michael Gove felt the urgent need, to, as was reported in The Sunday Times, to throw away effectively the rule book on Ofsted inspections and go in so hard.
Martha Kearney: Well …
Mo Ansar: (interrupting) And there are some concerns about whether he actually shares the ideology of some anti-Muslim groups.
Martha Kearney: Well that’s a pretty serious allegation. But it’s it’s not just Michael Gove, is it? We’ve got Birmingham City Council today talking about the fact that they’re widening the enquiry themselves.
Mo Ansar: Well Martha, you say it’s a serious allegation. I mean, I spoke to a senior government minister last year who said to me that one of the reasons that Michael Gove’s department – and it wasn’t actually the Department of Education that had funded Tommy Robinson the extremist leader of the English Defence League to go into schools to spout his nonsense – it was because Michael Gove himself didn’t find him extreme. And I think these are incredibly serious and worrying .. er er .. situations that we find ourselves in.
Martha Kearney: Well, obviously Michael Gove isn’t on the programme. We did ask the Department of Education to put up a minister, but I can imagine that they might dispute what you’re saying there. But more generally – does it appear to you that if these allegations are coming – you say they’re unfounded and just journalistic – but the council are saying they’re coming from teachers, they’re coming from some parents. They need to be looked at, don’t they?
Mo Ansar: Absolutely. Where you have serious allegations of any kind of misconduct whether it’s in political life – I’ve been an educationalist for many many years, going into schools, doing monitoring visits, working with governing bodies and er er governing service review boards as well as select committees, and I have to say we want to improve attainment and achievement and conditions, especially for hard to reach groups. Ethic minorities and Muslim communities are disproportionately underrepresented in governing bodies and their children are suffering in schools and it’s important that we do this in a balanced way.
Martha Kearney: Mohammed Ansar, thank you for joining us.


Mohammed Ansar has claimed to be an educationalist several times on twitter:

  • @MoAnsar: The government is not interested in educating our youth – speaking as an educationalist working with govt.[1]
  • @MoAnsar: @jackazzjackazz @greg_jenner @Bettany_Hughes Beyond this, as an educationalist, our curricula have keep its contribution at arms length..[2]
  • @MoAnsar 10 May 2012: The West cut the Islamic umbilical cord when it rejected the Muslim contribution to its foundation of thought, art, culture and science.[2]
  • @MoAnsar: Have you been to a school lately? As an educationalist, no acknowledgement is made whatsoever to the Islamic contributions.[3]
  • @MoAnsar 9 Sep 2012: I’m an educationalist working with schools. This has already come up at joint APPG in Parliament last session.[4]
  • @MoAnsar: [5]


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