Civil Rights Activist

On 20th January 2013, Mohammed Ansar tweeted an image taken by photographer Michael Yon. The image had been doctored to show captions that bore no relation to the meaning of the image, which showed an Iraqi girl who later died from injuries inflicted by an suicide bomber.
:@MoAnsar: ”””We were told we were fighting terrorists””<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@TheJamesBrandon: ””@MoAnsar Are you entirely stupid? The pic u re-tweeted was of a girl killed by a suicide bomber – the soldier was helping her! @Michael_Yon”<ref></ref&gt;
:@TheJamesBrandon: ””@MoAnsar Read story behind the pic here: … And then please retract yr tweet and apologise. @Michael_Yon @GhaffarH”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@CunningtoP: ””@MoAnsar Mo, I think you need to re-think this one. Sorry mate.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@MoAnsar: ””@CunningtoP What, why? Its a provocative image, and a real quote.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@CunningtoP: ””@MoAnsar It is out of context re. the words attached. I am with the message but the wrong picture has been used. I think you know….”<ref></ref&gt;
:@MoAnsar: ””@TheJamesBrandon Apologise to who, and for what, you loon?!”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@TheJamesBrandon: ””@MoAnsar For a start, you can apologise to @michael_yon who took the pic- I’m sure he doesn’t want it turned into cheap, anti-US propaganda.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@MoAnsar: ””@TheJamesBrandon That it? Ridiculous.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@TheJamesBrandon: ””@MoAnsar Of course! I’m offended by your tweet but I’m hardly going to call for you be beheaded am I? @GhaffarH @MaajidNawaz”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@MoAnsar: ””@TheJamesBrandon You’re a little weird.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@DougieFFC: ””@MoAnsar @TheJamesBrandon how do you not grasp how disingenuous what you just did is? Where’s your sense of decency? Then you abuse him!”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@TheJamesBrandon: ””@MoAnsar Resorting to random ad-hominems already? Yawn.”<ref></ref>&#8221;

==Gender Segregation in public spaces==
Ansar recently campaigned in support of iERA’s gender segregation in public spaces, and racially stigmatised the opposition to public gender segregation as a ”White versus Muslim – Men versus Women” argument: ””the human rights of Muslim women must give way to the rights of white men”<ref></ref>&#8221;.

On 23 December 2013:
:@sunny_hundal: “Student Rights may have a xenophobic agenda (allied to Henry Jackson Society after all), but lefties look silly when they ignore broader pt
:‏@SaraKhanInspire “@sunny_hundal not just silly but that they don’t give a damn about listening to the voices of Muslim women who opposed segregation.”
:@sunny_hundal “@SaraKhanInspire EXACTLY”
:‏@mehdirhasan “@sunny_hundal @SaraKhanInspire But it’s not just Student Rights, is it? Did you see last Sunday’s (not yesterday’s) blizzard of columns?”
:‏@sunny_hundal “@mehdirhasan @SaraKhanInspire yes, saw the blizzard of columns. And yet lefties STILL running away from any talk of segregation taking place”
:‏@mehdirhasan “@sunny_hundal @SaraKhanInspire Not sure that’s what’s happening tbh. And yes v possible to be opposed to both sexism and Islamophobia.
:@sunny_hundal “@mehdirhasan @SaraKhanInspire Exactly. So it may be more productive to talk about why segregation happens than being obsessed by SR here.”
:@mehdirhasan “@sunny_hundal @SaraKhanInspire I’m not obsessed by them. But I am with the mainstream media coverage of these things, as you know.”
:‏@sunny_hundal “@mehdirhasan @SaraKhanInspire that’s like saying you’re more interested in why ppl not talking about Syria, then plight of Syrians directly.”
:‏@mehdirhasan “@sunny_hundal @SaraKhanInspire Well, @mrianleslie makes the point better than me, towards the end: …”
:‏@sunny_hundal “@mehdirhasan @SaraKhanInspire well that’s a silly example in your defence since 1) lots of examples cited 2) segregation issue getting worse”
:@mehdirhasan “@sunny_hundal @sarakhaninspire really? What’s your evidence? And are you really so naive as to believe that press care about women’s rights?”
:@sunny_hundal “@mehdirhasan @SaraKhanInspire The question is not whether press care about womens rights.The Q is whether segregation furthers womens rights”
:@MoAnsar: ””@sunny_hundal ”’Let’s please stop pretending its forcible segregation; mischaracterising the debate is unhelpful and part of the problem.”'”<ref></ref&gt;
:@RazaSaab: “.@MoAnsar If I can’t sit in a particular section of the lecture hall, cuz of my gender, then yes, it is forcible segregation. @sunny_hundal”<ref></ref&gt;
:@jchabeeb: “@MoAnsar @sunny_hundal Segregation is segregation”<ref></ref&gt;

==Hamza Kashgari==
On 7 May 2012, Mo Ansar supported the jailing of Hamza Kashgari:
:@ruwaydamustafah: “Saudi authorities don’t imprison a man who hit his wife but order him to read books but they imprisoned hamza kashgari for tweeting.<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@mosansar: ””In fairness, an Islamic studies grad + writer, he was provoking the government by intentionally blaspheming.<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@ruwaydamustafah: “I don’t think it was blasphemous. Just a confused teenager expressing himself. Shouldn’t have been imprisoned.”<ref></ref&gt;
:@moansar: “You so know he was a uni graduate of Islamic studies, published journalist + writer? He knew the law and was making a point”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@ruwaydamustafah: “He retracted all his tweets after they became viral.”<ref></ref&gt;
:@moansar: “He left it out there and I tweeted /discussed with a number of Saudis who didn’t deny he was ‘doing a David Gale’.”<ref></ref&gt;
:@moansar: “You’re absolutely right about the Saudi issue, I’m not a fan of the blasphemy law, but he was taking the proverbials”<ref></ref&gt;

==LGBT Activist==
Mohammed Ansar claims to be an LGBT activist.
===Promotion of IERA Alert after conference cancellation in Toronto due to ‘LGBT Groups’ spreading ‘fear’===
On 14 October 2011 between 9:46am and 3:31pm, Mo Ansar, via IERA’s Yusuf Chambers<ref></ref&gt;, tweeted an action alert from IERA regarded the cancellation of their conference in Toronto ([ archived):
:@moansar: ””Sheraton Hotel, Toronto cancels Muslim conference after Jewish Defence League & LGBT groups spread fear…”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@moansar: ””@OUTtv Is this true:… LGBT groups in Canada force cancellation of Muslim conference?”<ref></ref>&#8221;
Ansar has since deleted his tweets promoting the IERA’s action alert.
===Views on homosexuality===
Mohammed Ansar’s views on homosexuality were first broached on twitter on 28 January 2012:
:@carrothead: ””@MoAnsar What is your view on homosexuality?”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@MoAnsar: ””@CarrotHead Hate the sin not the sinner.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
Mo Ansar has since deleted his retweet of the question, and the tweet containing his views.
===Claims of having founded an organisation on Equality===
:@MoAnsar 3:21AM: ””@TarekFatah Brother, I founded an organisation on Equality – championing the cause of gender dysphoria, gay and lesbians as well as others.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
Ansar’s original wikipedia biography claimed that he founded the Hampshire Independent Equality Forum (HIEF).
===Claims of having been an LGBT rights activist===
Ansar’s first claim, made to broadcaster and presenter Nicky Campbell, was written in the past tense on 2nd February 2012:
:@moansar: ””@NickyAACampbell @bbc5live Despite me having been a LGBT rights activist… who says the West has a monopoly on morality? Impose on Qatar?”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@NickyAACampbell: ””@MoAnsar ha some do some don’t. Let’s have a heated debate!”<ref></ref>&#8221;
Ansar has since deleted his tweet.
<br />
The next time this claim was made (to Peter Tatchell), it was made in the present tense, and a timespan was added:
:@moansar: ””@PeterTatchell I’ve been campaigning for LGBT rights for years. You need clarify your positions – its not #Islam that is homophobic.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
Ansar has since deleted this tweet.
<br />
On 1 March 2012, we discover that Ansar has spent “many years fighting for gay rights and anti-discrimination of LGBT”:
:@MoAnsar: ””@BernardMcEldown I was asked and gave my honest response. Sexuality is a personal matter for the home. It is no one else’s business. Albeit”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@moansar: ””@BernardMcEldown homosexuality is considered sinful in Islam, its never a case of hating the person. I’ve spent many years fighting..”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@moansar: ””@BernardMcEldown ..for gay rights and anti discrimination of LGBT. If sexualisation hetero/bi/gay any, becomes a corrupting influence in”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@moansar: ””@BernardMcEldown ..society its a problem. We have a horrific problem of sexualistion of kids for example.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@BernardMcEldown: ””@MoAnsar Well its not really a personal matter if people use their faith to jutify their homophobia, and discrimination against gay people!”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@moansar: ””@BernardMcEldown Agreed my friend. Discrimination of any group on race, religion, sexuality or other characteristic, is wrong.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@BernardMcEldwon: ””@MoAnsar Its nonsence for many religion to claim that homosexuality is a sin. People are born gay, they don’t choose it. Hows that a sin?”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@MoAnsar: ””@BernardMcEldown Good point. Can’t speak for Christianity but the ‘type’ of homosexuality soecifically condemned in the Scriptures was the..”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@MoAnsar: ””@BernardMcEldown ..rampant-out-to-convert-you kind. In Prophetic times there were said to be a people who literally attacked people entering”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@MoAnsar: ””@BernardMcEldown ..their citiy limits. We would all agree that kind of stuff isn’t right.”<ref></ref>&#8221;.
:@BernardMcEldown: ””@MoAnsar Don’t think Gays try to make Straights Gay. There are groups that try to convert gays to be straight. Many religions just hate Gays”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@MoAnsar: ””@BernardMcEldown Don’t agree. No religions hate gay people. People hate people.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@BernardMcEldown: ””@MoAnsar People use their religion to justify their homophobia.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@MoAnsar: ””@BernardMcEldown People use religion to justify lots. They are wrong. We shouldn’t throw out the religions because people twist them.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
<br />
:@MoAnsar: ””Lots of discussion this afternoon. Questions about homosexuality and Islam take off when they know I’m an advocate for gay rights.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@BernardMcEldown: ””@MoAnsar NIce one Mo. Thanks for supporting the cause!”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@MoAnsar: ””@BernardMcEldown I’m an advocate for anti discrimination, its not the same as promoting the lifestyle.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@BernardMcEldown: ””@MoAnsar You use the same language as some Christian Fundamentalists..Being gay is not a ‘Lifestyle Choice”. They are born gay. Get Over It.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@MoAnsar: ””@BernardMcEldown You have become increasingly rude and ill mannered. Disappointed.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@BernardMcEldown: ””@MoAnsar Mo there is nothing rude or ill mannered in anything I have tweeted.Seems like you don’t like anyone challenging your beliefs?”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@MoAnsar: ””@BernardMcEldown I’ve been courteous towards you entertaining all questions on all issues – until now. Shame on you for claiming that lie.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
This discussion resurfaces on 6 April 2012, when Ansar smears McEldown to Yacoob over another matter:
::‏@BernardMcEldown: ””@SalmaYaqoob Not sure why the BBC are giving that guy all this publicity. Sooner he is sent to the USA the better.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
::‏@SalmaYaqoob: ””.@BernardMcEldown Given yr notion of justice which clearly does not include right to trial to face accusations good job u r a retired cop.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
::@MoAnsar: ””@SalmaYaqoob @BernardMcEldown I enjoyed alot of discussion with Bernard until it got very abusive and had to block him.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
<br />
On 3 March 2012:
:@PiersMorganLive: ””It’s detrimental, and ultimately destructive.” Kirk Cameron on homosexuality: Watch the interview tonight at 9p”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@BernardMcEldown: ””@PiersTonight He sounds like a right Tosser!!”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@moansar: ””@BernardMcEldown @PiersTonight Although I’m an advocate against discrimination of LGBT; people do still have the right to personal beliefs.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
<br />
Then on 9 March 2012, we discover that “many years” has become “almost a decade”:
:@moansar: ””@Nilesby @NSRKhan I’ve been fighting for LGBT rights for almost a decade. Don’t judge Islam by some misguided Muslims.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
And by 11 March 2012, “almost a decade” has become “for over 15 years”:
:@moansar: ””@rangeroverheart I’ve been fighting against discrimination in the courts, public and private sector for over 15 years – for women, LGBT and”<ref></ref>&#8221;
<br />
:@MoAnsar: ””I get criticised for fighting against discrimination directed towards LGBT groups, women & BMEs. NB. Islam is about social justice.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
<br />
:@moansar: ””@noisyknits Nothing to do with my work as Chairman of an organisation advocating for LGBT. My public record speaks for itself.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
This appears to be referencing []Ansar’s brief chair of the Hampshire Independent Equality Forum’s Steering Group] – an association which ended no later than March 2011, when the Steering Group was disbanded, then later reformed in July 2011 as an Action Group, without Ansar’s involvement. Ansar came into contact with Chrysalis during the year 2010-2011. It seems likely that Ansar’s involvement with the HIEF’s Steering Group in 2010-2011, during which Ansar was briefly chair and later falsely claimed to be it’s founder, forms the only known basis of his claim to have worked with Chrysalis. Ansar made this claim as though he were still chair of HIEF. He was not involved with HIEF after the Steering Group’s disbandment in early 2011.
<br />
:@moansar: ””@DrLovemason @noisyknits Don’t be ridiculous. My blog is what I choose to be. My work with LGBT organisations is no ones business but my own”<ref></ref>&#8221;
<br />
:@moansar: ””MT “@Official_EDL: @PeterTatchell Peter if your ever interested in helping out with #EDL LGBT division DM us” < Why would they think that?”<ref></ref>&#8221;
<br />
On 18 March 2012, we discover that Mohammed Ansar, sent an email to the famous LGBT and human rights activist Peter Tatchell:
:@MoAnsar 10:43AM: ””Very difficult to hear the Islamophobe Peter Tatchell speak of morality to animals, when he denies it to Muslims #bbctbq”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@mePadraigReidy 10:47 AM: ””@MoAnsar That’s an absurd slur, Mo.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
::@MoAnsar 10:49AM: ””@mePadraigReidy I wish it was. It isn’t. And you should know by now that I don’t lie or slander.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:::@mePadraigReidy 11:04AM: ””@MoAnsar I’ve never seen any evidence that PT is an Islamophobe. Hardline secularist, yes, but that’s not the same thing.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
::::@MoAnsar 11:16AM: ””@mePadraigReidy I have direct experience. Read my TL.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:::::@mePadraigReidy 11:22AM: ””@MoAnsar I may be wrong here, but isn’t a “global Dawah organisation” about a little more than dispelling myths?”<ref></ref>&#8221;
::::::@MoAnsar 11:23AM: ””@mePadraigReidy No, that’s exactly what it is.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:::::::@mePadraigReidy : ””@MoAnsar preaching not the same as dispelling myths. Anyway, I’ve got to dash. Happy Day-after-St-Patrick’s Day!”<ref></ref>&#8217;
:::::::@mePadraigReidy: ””@MoAnsar can you dm me your email? Would be interested in continuing convo, plus couple other things. Thanks”<ref></ref>&#8221;
::::::::@MoAnsar 11:29AM: ””@mePadraigReidy Done. And you too. Be good ;)”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@mysteryhousewyf 10:48AM: ””@MoAnsar He’s an Islamophobe?”<ref></ref>&#8221;
::@MoAnsar 10:53AM: ””@mysteryhousewyf Unfortunately. Which is also sad since I’ve been a gay rights advocate for 10yrs.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:::@mysteryhousewyf 10:54AM: ””@MoAnsar Thank you. Do you have a link or a quote that I could read that supports that? (just reading your blog BTW)”<ref></ref>&#8221;
::::@MoAnsar 10:56AM: ””@mysteryhousewyf Happy to discuss, a little later on perhaps. If that’s ok.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:::::@mysteryhousewyf 10:59AM: ””@MoAnsar That’s fine. Understand and much appreciated. Thank you.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
::::::@MoAnsar 11:04AM: ””@mysteryhousewyf A Muslim organisation called IERA do a massive amount of outreach work to dispel myths and…”<ref></ref>&#8221; ””… misconceptions about Muslims which leads to horriric Islamophobia. PT went out of his way to block a conference…”<ref></ref>&#8221; ””…being organised by them on combatting Islamophobia. He petitioned the hotel and used his website and influence to…”<ref></ref>&#8221; ””…activate a mass movement against IERA and the hotel chain. Appalling use of islamophobic language…”<ref></ref>&#8221; ””… and total refusal to engage, discuss at all his actions, or apologise. I sent him a lengthy email to try and mediate.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:::::::@mysteryhousewyf 11:24AM: ””@MoAnsar Begins with position of acceptance rather than struggle. I read some of your blog and appreciate your many perspectives.Interesting”<ref></ref>&#8221;
::::::::@MoAnsar 11:29AM: ””@mysteryhousewyf We dispel hate by education and being prepared to challenge our misconceptions and bigotry.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:::::::@mysteryhousewyf 11:29AM: ””@MoAnsar I hope there will be a resolution even this late in the day. Thank you for speaking with me. I’ll read some more. Peace.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
::::::::@MoAnsar 11:30AM: ””@mysteryhousewyf Your hopes, are my hopes. And peace to you too sister.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@noisyknits 10:56AM: ””Love the way this muslim tries to turn his homophobia into a state of ‘victimhood’ RT @MoAnsar Very difficult to hear the Islamophobe @PeterTatchell speak of morality to animals, when he denies it to Muslims #bbctbq”<ref></ref>&#8221;
::@MoAnsar 10:57AM: ””. @noisyknits I’ve been an advocate for gay rights and equality for over 10yrs working for charities. Check your facts.”<ref></ref&gt;
:::@noisyknits 11:04AM: ””@MoAnsar really? Anything documented? Very hard to believe. Why attack @PeterTatchell? He likes Muslims.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
::::@MoAnsar 11:16AM: ””@noisyknits When it suits him and his public profile. Read my TL. @PeterTatchell”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:::::@noisyknits 11:18AM: ””@MoAnsar and your lack of ‘blog evidence’ of being a supporter of gay rights?”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:::::@noisyknits 11:20AM: ””@MoAnsar can’t see anything islamophobic in your TL from @PeterTatchell”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:::@noisyknits 11:06AM: ””@MoAnsar can’t see anything on your site… Put something on there about it (or msg a link) and then I’ll believe you.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
::::@noisyknits 11:11AM: ””I just checked your blog – is that fact enough? No evidence of you being an advocate of gay rights RT @MoAnsar . @noisyknits I’ve been an advocate for gay rights and equality for over 10yrs working for charities. Check your facts.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:::::@MoAnsar 11:21AM: ””@noisyknits Nothing to do with my work as Chairman of an organisation advocating for LGBT. My public record speaks for itself.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:::@noisyknits 11:23AM: ””@MoAnsar can you give examples of your advocacy of gay rights?”<ref></ref>&#8221;
::::@MoAnsar: ””@noisyknits Am I here to somehow justify my public role and good works to you to ‘qualify’. Disgusting intolerance. Google it yourself.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:::::@noisyknits 11:29AM: ””@MoAnsar I’m disgustingly intolerant? You’re claiming something that is contrary to your religion’s belief system. This is a major moment in the history of Islam in the UK and you shy away and refuse to take credit? Show the written evidence to prove that you truly are tolerant of sexual minorities.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:::::@drlovemason 11:35AM: ””@MoAnsar @noisyknits I think the word ‘Disgusting’ gives the game away here”<ref></ref>&#8221;
::::::@MoAnsar 11:41AM: ””@DrLovemason @noisyknits Don’t be ridiculous. My blog is what I choose to be. My work with LGBT organisations is no ones business but my own”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:::::::@noisyknits 11:47AM: ””@MoAnsar but you claim publicly on twitter that you have a 10yr record of advocating gay rights – if that’s no-one else’s business why bring it up? @DrLovemason”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:::::::@drlovemason 11:48AM: ””@MoAnsar @noisyknits you are being asked to substantiate your claim. Indeed we are just trying to “Check your facts””<ref></ref>&#8221;
:::::::@noisyknits 11:50AM: ””I think it’s safe to state that @MoAnsar is lying about his 10yr record of supporting LGBT rights and that his accusation that @PeterTatchell is an Islamophobe is his way of turning his homophobia into ‘martyrdom’.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
::::::::@MoAnsar 12:04PM: ””@noisyknits Ok. Now you’re banned. And wrong.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:::::::::@noisyknits 12:29PM: ””@MoAnsar how am I wrong?”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:::::@noisyknits 11:39AM: ””@MoAnsar googled and guess what? NOTHING linking you with LGBT rights. Just 1 photo of 2 transvestites taken by someone with the same name”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:::::@noisyknits 11:40AM: ””@MoAnsar can’t you just show some evidence? It would be much nicer to prove your claims than to insult people for questioning them”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@pencilbloke 11:02AM: ””@MoAnsar How’s he an islamaphobe?”<ref></ref>&#8221;
::@MoAnsar 11:16AM: ””@PencilBloke Read my TL”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:::@PencilBloke 11:42AM: ””@MoAnsar He called out an IERA conference for having eg Abdullah Hakim Quick, who says gays are taking over, as a speaker. How islamaphobic!”<ref></ref>&#8221;
::::@MoAnsar 11:54AM: ””@PencilBloke His scuttling of the whole ship, activating his base to petition the hotel chain and vitriole on Islam that was the problem…”<ref></ref>&#8221;
::::@MoAnsar 11:54AM: ””@PencilBloke ..Understand if he objectes to a speaker. Hurting all Muslims, all the good work that was being done was reprehensible.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:::::@PencilBloke 12:02PM: ””@MoAnsar He objected to specific speakers. Organisation shouldn’t invite hateful speakers if it wishes to represent compassionate Muslims.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@christt 11:08AM: ””@MoAnsar what a ridiculous thing to say, he doesn’t ‘deny’ morality to anyone. At least if you’re going to argue, make it a real one.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
::@MoAnsar 11:19AM: ””@christt Check my TL”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:::@christt 12:05PM: ””@MoAnsar I’m upset that you don’t argue more honestly and with greater intellectual integrity, given your position. I wish you did.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@peterrisdon 11:22AM: ””@MoAnsar The muslims Tatchell opposes are not victims, they are the ‘phobes’: aggressors against gay people. @rhysmorgan”<ref></ref>&#8221;
::@MoAnsar 11:23AM: ””@PeterRisdon @rhysmorgan No. He opposed me. A decade long advocate of gay rights. Go figure.”
:::@rhysmorgan 11:32AM: ””@MoAnsar @PeterRisdon So wait, criticism of a religion – particularly Islam – makes you a “-phobe”?!”<ref></ref>&#8221;
::::@MoAnsar 11:36AM: ””@rhysmorgan @PeterRisdon Its a far more complex model including causing alienation, marginalization, discrimn, social exclusn.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
::::@PeterRisdon 11:39AM: ””@MoAnsar @rhysmorgan However, if you hold odious views that discriminate against others, you must expect to be opposed and reviled.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:::::@MoAnsar 11:44AM: ””@PeterRisdon @rhysmorgan What odious views? BIG assumption. Misconceptions & media myths become discrmn very quickly. As here.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
::::::@PeterRisdon 11:46AM: ””@MoAnsar @rhysmorgan I don’t know your personal stance of course, but unequal treatment of sexes by Sahri’a is repulsive.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:::::::@MoAnsar 11:52AM: ””@PeterRisdon @rhysmorgan You are talking from ignorance and a lack of understanding.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
::::::::@PeterRisdon 11:53AM: ””@MoAnsar @rhysmorgan So enlighten me. I notice, though, that you don’t deny these things.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
::::::::@rhysmorgan 11:53AM: ””@MoAnsar @PeterRisdon Please do elaborate.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@rhysmorgan 11:56AM: ””Still incredibly confused about this Peter Tatchell matter. @MoAnsar still hasn’t explained exactly how Peter Tatchell is an islamophobe.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
::@MoAnsar 12:06PM: ””@rhysmorgan I can’t keep repeating my comments to everyone who asks. Trawl through the TL.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@ChrisGurr 11:40AM: ””@MoAnsar you’re an idiot.”<ref></ref&gt; (retweeted by @MoAnsar)”
:@Frostblade_ 1:41PM: ””@MoAnsar Peter Tatchell endorses testing on Muslims? cc @rhysmorgan”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@MaryamNamazie 9:06PM: ””@MoAnsar Don’t be ridiculous – criticising #islam and #islamism not attack on #Muslims.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@MoAnsar: ””Oh dear. Being rounded upon by @petertatchell followers this morning. Get a grip folks.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
::@pigdowndog 11:46AM: ””@MoAnsar @petertatchell I think you may have brought that on yourself old chap.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:::@MoAnsar 11:51AM: ””@Pigdowndog @PeterTatchell I only ever call it as I see it.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
::::@pigdowndog 11:55AM: ””@MoAnsar @PeterTatchell I don’t know Mr. Tatchell but he doesn’t come across as someone who would be a “phobe” about anything.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:::::@MoAnsar: ””@Pigdowndog @PeterTatchell Personal experience.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
::::::@pigdowndog: ””@MoAnsar @PeterTatchell Are you sure he’s not unlike me and “phobic”, in a gentle manner, about all religions?”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:::::::@MoAnsar 12:12PM: ””@Pigdowndog We so badly needed a conference to tackle islamophobia. Its real. Not victimhood. @PeterTatchell Derailed the whole bloody thing”<ref></ref>&#8221;
::@syed9791 3:05PM: ””@MoAnsar it might help if you tweet examples of why you made that comment, personally I feel he was very fair and measured on #bbctbq”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@mysteryhousewyf: ””@MoAnsar @Pigdowndog @PeterTatchell I agree – but derailment blame pointing in wrong directions. Phobia = fear. Of what and Why??? Peace.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@MoAnsar: ””@mysteryhousewyf @Pigdowndog @PeterTatchell Runnymede have a beautifully complete defn of Islamophobia.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@mysteryhousewyf: ””@MoAnsar @PeterTatchell Here it is. The problem is in the language & root of difference. We are limited by word cages. …”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@MoAnsar: ””@mysteryhousewyf @PeterTatchell I know the report. I’ve had to speak on it at length. The fact remains that there are many good Muslim…”<ref></ref&gt;
:@MoAnsar: ””@mysteryhousewyf @PeterTatchell ..a misinformed opinion, bigotry and generalisation is precisely what we should oppose. Not do ourselves.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@mysteryhousewyf: ””@MoAnsar @PeterTatchell I agree,you are defending that which ismost dear to you.We must all see beyond enemy lines.Everyone fears something.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@MoAnsar: ””@mysteryhousewyf @PeterTatchell My lengthy email to PT discussed our commonality and the need to work together to dispel hate.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
This was related to Tatchell’s opposition to the IERA conference speakers who had called for the execution of gays.<br /><br />
On 31 March 2012:
:@moansar: ””@jali_gb @noisyknits Am champion of LGBT rights and close friends with gender dysphoria group Chrysallis.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
[ Chrysalis] is a Hampshire-based charity “with Meeting Centres for transitioning transgender (transsexual) adults”<ref></ref&gt;. Mohammed Ansar consistently misspells ‘Chrysalis’ as ‘Crysallis’. His association (on the record) with Chrysalis happened during his year (2010-2011) as member of HIEF Steering Group.
<br />

:@moansar: ””@MsAndrewPreview @bbcbigquestions Ding. Got my vote. Have been advocate for LGBT / broad equalities brief for 15yrs now.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@moansar: ””@Synophion Couldnt agree more. I’ve been an advocate for LGBT rights / anti-discrimination for over a decade.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@moansar: ””@CaptainArmband No. I’ve been actively campaigning for LGBT for over a decade. Next.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
<br />
:@moansar: ””@RobbieSingh2 You know little about Islam. For a discourse, be polite. I’ve been an advocate/activist for LGBT rights for over 10yrs.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
<br />
:@moansar: ””@janemcqueen As an advocate of women’s and LGBT rights, on the record for over a decade, my curiosity is piqued.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@moansar: ””@janemcqueen I’ve been an advocate for LGBT rights for a number of years, incl working with gender dysphoria community in South.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
<br />
:@moansar: ””@FromNusaybah then need to consider if anything else overrides those rights for someone who is LGBT.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
<br />
:@moansar: ””@a_e_wallace For the record, Liberty: there is “no evidence” that LGBT people face either discrimination or violence…”<ref></ref>&#8221;
<br />
:@moansar: ””@bigladmarkyd Most EDL and nationalists don’t even know that Sharia says Muslims MUST give rights to women, LGBT, and people of other faith”<ref></ref>&#8221;
<br />
On 22nd April 2012:
:@isawfireworks: ””@moansar do you support gay marriage & LGBT rights? :)”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@moansar: ””@isawfireworks I’ve been an activist for LGBT rights for over 15 years. Worked closely with the transgender / dysphoria community.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
Note how Ansar fails to Ansar the question. Between 2010-2011 (approximately 1 year) Ansar briefly worked alongside a Hampshire-based transgender dysphoria community named Chrysalis during his time as member and briefly chair of Hampshire Independent Equality Forum’s Steering Group.
<br />
:@moansar: ””@evaposner Its fair in parts, not in others. As a feminist (islamic) and someone who has fought for LGBT rights, the civil rights issues…”<ref></ref>&#8221;
<br />
:@moansar: ””@MFrancoisCerrah Full house for Tories: Islamophobic, sexist and ageist. And with disability support schemes cut. Just need LGBT.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
<br />
On 1st May 2012, Ansar’s mention of Kenny Everett sparked a conversation on homosexuality and Islam:
:@MoAnsar: ””The Unforgettable Kenny Everett, ITV now. Not for a delicate disposition but certainly, one of my childhood memories.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@isawfireworks: ””@MoAnsar Mo, may I ask you something regarding homosexuality and Islam? A Muslim friend is anti-gay, believes it’s haram. Why don’t you? <3″<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@moansar: ””@isawfireworks A simple reason I suppose. What business of it is mine, what someone’s sexuality is? Does it make them a bad person,…”<ref></ref&gt; ”” oppressor, unjust, cruel, rude mannered, a disbeliever? Where does it rate on the grand scale of things: better or worse”<ref></ref>&#8221; ””..than eating pork, drinking or smoking, swearing, saying a nasty word to break someone’s heart? Is it worse than disobeying”<ref></ref>&#8221; ””..parents? Let God be the judge. Sexuality, in any form, should not be allowed to corrupt society or cause injustice. Is it..”<ref></ref>&#8221; ””..the LGBT fraternity sexualising kids and causing 122 sexual assaults and rapes per day in the UK? I’m going on but the…”<ref></ref>&#8221; ””..fundamental rule is hate the sin, not the sinner. There should be no oppression of people based on sexuality.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@isawfireworks: ””@MoAnsar thank you for that lovely & full response; it’s so humbling to know people like you exist & think like you. Love to you.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
::@moansar: ””Aww. Very gracious of you to say. Just make sure you challenge the person on their view (nicely) :)”<ref></ref>&#8221;
::‏@juangonzalvez: ””@MoAnsar @isawfireworks in every religion homosexuality is forbidden! u cant be a christian and agree with homosexuality. the bible h8s it”<ref></ref&gt;
:::@moansar: ””@juangonzalvez @isawfireworks There is a difference in not agreeing, and then oppressing people. Christ asked us to remove the log from…”<ref></ref>&#8221;
And there, that conversation ends.
<br />
:@moansar: ””I’m Muslim and an advocate for LGBT human rights. Get over it. #HDthinking”<ref></ref>
This tweet generated 45 responses, including 40 retweets and five favourites.
The responses to Ansar’s statement never received an answer:
::@drbarbara1: ””@MoAnsar You’re a good guy!”<ref></ref&gt;
::@fiannabradley: ””@MoAnsar Well said. I’m a Catholic…perfect not practising..and I too am an advocate for LGBT human rights.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
::@BarnabyEdwards: ””.@MoAnsar A pro-LGBT Muslim is great news! What’s your view on the teenage boys hanged in Iran in 2005 for breaking Sharia law by being gay?”<ref></ref>&#8221;
::@ameytahl: ””@MoAnsar In the UK there is no danger for taking this position, but in MENA it means death.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
::@americatheist: ””@MoAnsar Really? What do you mean by advocate? Do you voice this everywhere you go with everyone you know? That would be advocating. #Truth”<ref></ref>&#8221;
::@sreislamic: ””@MoAnsar Does that mean you support same-sex marriage?”<ref></ref>&#8221;
::@nimco1986: ””@MoAnsar, what do you mean, do you approve of homosexual acts??”<ref></ref>&#8221;
::@captainarmband: ””@MoAnsar I await you taking to the streets of Saudi with a banner in support of gay rights :)”<ref></ref>”
<br />
On 12 June 2012:
:@3C75: ””@MoAnsar Homosexuality is a sin in Islam. Fact. Islam is not homophobic. Fact.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@moansar: ””@siraajahmad Don’t disagree. Does that mean we discriminate against LGBT people, or uphold their rights?”<ref></ref>&#8221;
<br />
===Promoted the Hizb ut-Tahrir stance on Homosexuality and Gay Marriage===
On 7 December 2012:
:@tajimustafa 5:44PM: ””Will a UK Mosque\Church\.. one day be sued for not carrying out a gay marriage? Creeping compulsion? Many dont believe Cameron’s reassurance”<ref></ref&gt; (retweeted by @MoAnsar)”
::@MoAnsar 5:46PM: ””@tajimustafa How long until a legal case is brought against a church or mosque? My guess: the paperwork is already filled, ready to go.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:::@robinince 5:48PM: ””@tajimustafa @moansar I presume gay couples would be really keen to be married in a temple by a priest that is against their love”<ref></ref>&#8221;
::::@MoAnsar 5:49PM: ””@robinince @tajimustafa We dont have a clergy. Imam may be willing, committee not, or vice versa. Fact remains, law suits will flow apace.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:::::@robinince 5:50PM: ””@MoAnsar @tajimustafa will they? glad you have the power to foresee the future too”<ref></ref>&#8221;
::::::@MoAnsar 5:51PM: ””@robinince @tajimustafa I have these magic glasses I got in my Beano.”<ref></ref>&#8221;

On 24 March 2014:
:@MoAnsar 3:44PM: ””The Islam and homosexuality debate needs to be handled with care and sensitivity. If you’re interested in a REAL discussion, great.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
::@MrMattDunstone 3:50PM: ””@MoAnsar so is Iain whatsisface talking rubbish, or are you both being a bit over sensitive over a very sensitive subject?”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:::@MoAnsar 3:51PM: ””@MrMattDunstone Of course, Matt. What else would gay rights groups (and me) be complaining about? Assumptions based on prejudice.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
<br />
===No blog post or links to LGBT activism, “but let them scream”, says Mo Ansar===
On 25 March 2014:
:@raf234 12:53AM: ””@MoAnsar Hi Mo, do you have a blog post or links to your work within the LGBT community? It seems your detractors @ QF are questioning it.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
::@MoAnsar 1:28AM: ””@raf234 No, but let them scream.”<ref></ref>&#8221;

In December 2012, Ansar appealed to Tariq Ramadan on twitter to report the Ansar-parody account<ref></ref&gt; and encouraged his twitter-followers<ref></ref&gt; to report the parody tweep of Ansar that appeared. Ansar claimed that the parody was being ””used to attack and undermine a variety of Muslim public figures and scholars”<ref></ref>&#8221;. Ansar’s inability to single out an offensive tweet from his parody brought criticism<ref></ref&gt;. Ansar’s parody account appears to have spurred his creation of the following petition.
:===Petition for UK Social Media to disclose real identity of user following request by police or legal proceedings===
:On 14 January 2012, Ansar created a petition:<br />””The Government should consult with social media providers to bring in legislation requiring UK users to provide full personal information which is subject to the Data Protection Act until and unless law enforcement agencies or legal proceedings require their disclosure.”<ref></ref>&#8221;. The petition has received 50 signatures since its launch and has been re/tweeted at least 120 times, around 34 of which were by Ansar himself. Ansar also promoted the petition on the facebook pages for Muslim Council of Britain<ref></ref&gt;, Project Homophobia<ref></ref&gt;, Stonewall<ref></ref&gt;, and FOSIS<ref></ref&gt;.
==Petition to have [http://wikipedia/Maajid_Nawaz Maajid Nawaz] removed as LibDem PPC==
The furore began when Maajid Nawaz tweeted a cartoon that had been recently featured on BBC The Big Questions. The cartoon was of Jesus and Muhammad(saw) saying ‘Hiya’ and ‘How ya doin?’. Nawaz stated on twitter that he personally wasn’t offended by that particular cartoon. He had previously stated on BBC The Big Questions on 12 January 2014 that:
:@BBCBigQuestions: ””I do not feel threatened by the gentleman wearing that T-Shirt”<ref></ref>&#8221;
The t-shirt in question showed the cartoon described above.
After Nawaz had tweeted his affirmation follow-up to BBC The Big Questions, Ramadan Foundation’s Mohammed Shafiq then””accused @MaajidNawaz of denigration simply for saying that HE isn’t offended by a cartoon”<ref></ref>&#8221;, tweeting:
:@mshafiquk 1:35 PM – 17 Jan 2014: ””@MrTickle3 @MaajidNawaz @drusamahasan ghustaki Rasool these quillium people”<ref></ref>&#8221;
Ghustak-e-Rasool means : “Denigration of the Prophet (S.A.W.)”<br />
===Ansar sticks his oar in===
On 17 January 2014, Mohammed Ansar tweeted to Mohammed Shafiq:
:@MoAnsar 2:45 PM – 17 Jan 2014: ””@mshafiquk He’s a joke. Tweeting the J&M cartoons is abysmal. Just appalling.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
Nawaz tweeted one cartoon – the one relating to the BBC The Big Questions debate, so when Ansar says ””cartoons””(plural), he is lying.
Ansar then retweeted a tweet by Shafiq:
:@MoAnsar ””RT@mshafiquk The offensive cartoon tweeted by the @LibDems parliamentary candidate @MaajidNawaz If this was done by another person what would happen?”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@MoAnsar 3:37 PM – 17 Jan 2014: ””@CrinklyCree @mshafiquk A parliamentary candidate has tweeted out something millions will find offensive. A very silly thing to do.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@MoAnsar 3:58 PM – 17 Jan 2014: ””@mshafiquk Complaints to the LibDems can be made known here:”<ref></ref>&#8221;

In a delicious irony, lost to most everyone on twitter at the time of the furore’s unfolding, in 2008, Mohammed Shafiq was sacked for deceit as local LibDem vice-chairman in the Rochdale ward of Bamford:
:[ Man exposed for deceit chosen as Lib Dem candidate for Bamford!]
:””In an astonishing, and most likely self-defeating move, the Lib Dems have chosen the man they recently ‘sacked’ as local vice-chairman for deceit as their candidate for Bamford ward in the forthcoming local elections!”

:”Mohammed Shafiq was forced to resign as vice-chairman of Rochdale Liberal Democrats in January following comments described by his party colleagues as “misleading and false”.<ref></ref>&#8221;

At 4:09pm on Friday 17th January 2014 Mohammed Ansar was quoted in the online newspaper Asian Image (owned by the Newsquest Media Group<ref></ref&gt;):
: ””Even political and social commentator, Mohammed Ansar added to the debate, “A parliamentary candidate has tweeted out something millions will find offensive. A very silly thing to do.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@MoAnsar 11:07 PM – 17 Jan 2014: ””Haha. *EVEN*. “@mshafiquk: Maajid Nawaz and Mohammed Shafiq clash over cartoon (From Asian Image) …”<ref></ref>&#8221;
<br />
On 18 January 2014, Mohammed Shafiq went on a campaign rampage:
:@mshafiquk 4:12 PM – 18 Jan 2014: ””We will notify all muslim organisations in the UK of his despicable behaviour and also notify Islamic countries.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@Kk61Raoof 4:17 PM – 18 Jan 2014: ””have spoken to someone in Pakistan They will have a suprise for him on his next visit!!!! He is used to suprises in Pak”<ref></ref>&#8221;
: ‏@Saj_Qureshi 4:17 PM – 18 Jan 2014:””Also it would be a good idea to contact Muslim electronic and print media in the UK as they should highlight this issue as well.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@Saj_Qureshi ””Specially Urdu language media.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@mshafiquk ””@Saj_Qureshi will you help”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@Saj_Qureshi ””@mshafiquk I will do my best”<ref></ref>&#8221;
<br />

===Ansar’s petition promotion===
On 20 January 2014, Mohammed Ansar promoted a petition located at to request the LibDems to remove Maajid Nawaz as their parliamentary candidate. The petition states:
:””the Party must take punitive action ideally through disassociating itself with Mr Nawaz by removing him from his position as PPC for Hampstead and Kilburn.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
Between 20 Jan and 25 Jan 2014, the petition was promoted by Mohammed Ansar at least 18 times.

Mohammed Shafiq followed Ansar’s lead in tweeting the petition.

From 20 Jan 2014, Mohammed Ansar tweeted:
:@MoAnsar 9:01 AM – 20 Jan 2014: ””Petition launched to remove controversial Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for Hampstead & Kilburn … (via @UnknownSufi)”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@MoAnsar 10:22 AM – 20 Jan 2014: ””@PhilipHewlett …”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@MoAnsar 9:38 AM – 20 Jan 2014: ”Lib Dem failure to robustly police their own candidates and members ahead of 2015, may prove costly and a mistake too far. #FitToRule”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@MoAnsar 9:40 AM – 20 Jan 2014: ””@markpack @libdemnewswire @LibDemPress @nick_clegg Any comment, Mark? You can DM me.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@MoAnsar 9:41 AM – 20 Jan 2014: ””@lfeatherstone Lynne, would you be prepared to stand with religious communities over this?”<ref></ref>&#8221;

Ansar then lied about the nature of the tweet from Nawaz:
:@MoAnsar 11:26 AM – 20 Jan 2014: ””An expert in Muslim extremism standing for political office posts ‘Prophet cartoons’ and faces backlash. Twitter, you tell me.”<ref></ref&gt;
In actual fact, the tweet by Nawaz contained ONE particular cartoon from the controversial Jesus and Mo series – the one discussed by Nicky Campbell on his show, BBC The Big Questions. It was that particular cartoon which Nawaz said publicly on television and afterwards on twitter, that neither his faith was threatened by the cartoon, nor was he, as a Muslim, personally offended by it.

Mohammed Ansar then continued to whip up a twitter storm, tweeting over and over the petition asking to remove Nawaz as a LibDem candidate:
:@MoAnsar 1:32 PM – 20 Jan 2014: ””Petition launched to remove controversial Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for Hampstead & Kilburn …”<ref></ref>&#8221;
Ansar also promoted the petition to LBC radio:
:@MoAnsar 3:51 PM – 20 Jan 2014: ””@lbc973 I wonder if Clegg will take a tougher stand over the Nawaz ‘Prophet cartoons’ scandal …”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@mshafiquk 4:04 PM – 20 Jan 2014: ””Sign the petition to remove @MaajidNawaz as parliamentary candidate.”<ref></ref>&#8221;

On 21 January 2014, Mohammed Ansar promoted the petition again:
:@MoAnsar 12:15 PM – 21 Jan 2014: ””Calls to remove the PPC for Hampstead & Kilburn for breaching LD rules, rocket to 7,000+ complaints within 24 hrs …”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@MoAnsar 1:25 PM – 21 Jan 2014: ””@JuliaHB1 @lbc973 I think NC has another headache on his hands …, approaching 10k sigs, …”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@MoAnsar 1:27 PM – 21 Jan 2014: ””@markpack Hope you’re keeping well, Mark. I think it is beyond that: … have a read of the charge sheet.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@MoAnsar 2:56 PM – 21 Jan 2014: ”” If you read the petition: … the complaints seem to be multifarious. And a case to answer.”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@MoAnsar 5:52 PM – 21 Jan 2014: ””Corruption in politics starts with politicians thinking they are above the rules. Just say no more. …”<ref></ref>&#8221;

:@MoAnsar 11:35 AM – 24 Jan 2014: ””@kenanmalik I’ve only ever called for an investigation based on his impropriety. As per petn, check your footing: …”<ref></ref&gt;
:@MoAnsar 11:36 AM – 24 Jan 2014: ””The petition against the PPC for Hampstead and Kilburn races to 20,000. See the discussion today on @daily_politics …”<ref></ref>&#8221;
Ansar continued:
:@MoAnsar 9:44 PM – 25 Jan 2014: ””The petition to deselect the PPC from Hampstead and Kilburn approaches an unprecedented 20,000 complaints: …”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@MoAnsar 9:54 PM – 25 Jan 2014: ””@NickyAACampbell Dont forget to share the other one too, for balance …”<ref></ref>&#8221;

===Death threats===
Nawaz has received two credible death threats originating from Pakistan due to the misrepresentation of his tweet by Shafiq and others on twitter: <ref></ref&gt;
:”Shafiq’s supporters have begun a petition to have Nawaz removed as a Lib Dem candidate for the parliamentary seat, gaining around 700 signatures in a few hours.””

===Ansar supports petition to remove Nawaz===
:Ansar told HuffPost UK he backed the petition to remove Nawaz:
:”I personally do not find that particular cartoon offensive, but there are others in the series which show Jesus and the Prophet Mohammed in bed together, drinking beer together. This is something many Muslims will find offensive.

:”The petition quotes the Lib Dem code of conduct, that ‘you must treat others with respect and must not bully, harass or intimidate or bring the Party into disrepute’

:”I believe Maajid’s behaviour on Twitter was contrary to the code, and we should expect very high standards of behaviour from politicians. I think that, especially with the Lord Rennard investigation, the Lib Dems should be very careful about breaches of the code.”<ref></ref>&#8221;

===Nicky Campbell warns Mo Ansar===
At 19:25 PM on 20 January 2014, Mohammed Ansar posted:
:@MoAnsar: ””BREAKING:@georgegalloway, @mshafiquk & @moansar challege Lib Dems over Maajid Nawaz conduct (via @HuffPostUK)”<ref></ref>&#8221;
Broadcaster Nicky Campbell responded:
:@NickyAACampbell 7:28 PM – 20 Jan 2014: ””@MoAnsar Credible death threats? Take care you don’t come over as whipping this up my friend”<ref></ref>&#8221;
Ansar replied:
:@MoAnsar: ””@NickyAACampbell And to be condemned. As a LEADING extremism expert, he will have absolutely known the response. Reckless or intended?”<ref></ref>&#8221;
Nicky Campbell warned:
:@NickyAACampbell: ””@MoAnsar careful pal”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@MoAnsar: ””@NickyAACampbell As someone living under a terror threat, I’d never want to see anyone under any threat – its appalling… [1/2]<ref></ref&gt; but once an extremist. Certainly questionable MP material. But you know this, you’ve seen the unedited footage. [2/2]”<ref></ref>&#8221;
:@NickyAACampbell: ””@MoAnsar I’ve read the transcript”<ref></ref>&#8221;
The footage referred to is the entire film footage where Nawaz interviewed Ansar for the ‘When Tommy Met Mo’ documentary.

As can be seen from the above, Mohammed Ansar had been actively ””whipping this up”” against Maajid Nawaz for several days. As can be seen from the comments to Nicky Campbell, Ansar certainly holds a grudge against Nawaz.

===Ansar’s Grudge Match===
Notably, Ansar has been a promoter of Hizb ut-Tahrir event and publications – the group which Nawaz used to be deeply involved in – and since Ansar’s nose was put out of joint by being refused entry to the press conference to announce ex-EDL leader Tommy Robinson’s departure from the EDL, there’s more than just a political principle behind Ansar’s involvement (a principle which Ansar failed to apply when it came to LibDem David Ward). Ansar appears to be attempting to enforce a blasphemy law (which he claims he’s not in favour of – see entry on Kashgiri – in the UK political arena. A law which doesn’t even apply to Nawaz, as Nawaz, a practicing Muslim, neither denigrated Islam’s prophets nor does Nawaz live in a country whose rule of law is governed by theocratic laws.

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