Ban Parody; Ban Anomymity

In December 2012, Ansar appealed to Tariq Ramadan on twitter to report the Ansar-parody account[1] and encouraged his twitter-followers[2] to report the parody tweep of Ansar that appeared.

Ansar then claimed that the parody was being “used to attack and undermine a variety of Muslim public figures and scholars”[3].

Ansar’s inability to single out an offensive tweet from his parody brought criticism[4] from Adil Ray.

Ansar’s parody account appears to have inspired his creation of the following petition:

Petition for UK Social Media to disclose real identity of user following request by police or legal proceedings

On 14 January 2012, Ansar created a petition:

“The Government should consult with social media providers to bring in legislation requiring UK users to provide full personal information which is subject to the Data Protection Act until and unless law enforcement agencies or legal proceedings require their disclosure.”[5].

The petition has received 52 signatures since its launch and was re/tweeted at least 120 times, around 34 of which were by Ansar himself.

Ansar also promoted the petition on the facebook pages for Muslim Council of Britain[6], Project Homophobia[7], and FOSIS[9].

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