Hamza Kashgari

On 7 May 2012, Mo Ansar supported the jailing of Hamza Kashgari:

  • @ruwaydamustafah: “Saudi authorities don’t imprison a man who hit his wife but order him to read books but they imprisoned hamza kashgari for tweeting. ref“;
  • @mosansar: ””In fairness, an Islamic studies grad + writer, he was provoking the government by intentionally blaspheming. ref”;
  • @ruwaydamustafah: “I don’t think it was blasphemous. Just a confused teenager expressing himself. Shouldn’t have been imprisoned.” ref“;
  • @moansar: “You so know he was a uni graduate of Islamic studies, published journalist + writer? He knew the law and was making a point” ref”;
  • @ruwaydamustafah: “He retracted all his tweets after they became viral.” ref“;
  • @moansar: “He left it out there and I tweeted /discussed with a number of Saudis who didn’t deny he was ‘doing a David Gale’.” ref“;
  • @moansar: “You’re absolutely right about the Saudi issue, I’m not a fan of the blasphemy law, but he was taking the proverbials” ref“;
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