Educational and Governance Boards

Hampshire County Governor Forum

The County Governor Forum (CGF) meets three times in each academic year: October, March and May.

22nd March 2011 … Apologies: Mohammed Ansar HGA

May 18, 2011 … Apologies: Mohammed Ansar HGA.


17th October 2011 …not present in any capacity

HGA stands for ‘Hampshire Governors’ Association’:

Hampshire Governors’ Association

This meets once a term, two weeks or so before the County Governors’ Forum, to deal with an agenda consisting of the tabled items for the coming Forum meeting, concerns raised by area representatives and matters arising from the National Governors’ AssociationHGA

HGA 2012-10-09

Hampshire Governors’ Association
File Format: Microsoft Word
Apologies … Mohammed Ansar.
HGA 2012-10-09

HGA 2012-03-08

8 March 2012
File Format: Microsoft Word
Apologies… Mohammed Ansar.

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