Attendence and involvement

To date, the years of Mohammed Ansar’s involvement in various Hampshire County Council committees is 6 years.

2008-09; 2009-10; 2010-11; 2011-12; 2012-13; 2013-14.

2008 – 2009

9 July 2008 – SACRE

4 November 2008 – SACRE

Tuesday 24 February 2009

  • p M Ansar Sunni Islam ref

2009 – 2010

3 November 2009 – SACRE

  • p Mr. Mohammed Ansar – Sunni Muslim
  • Mr. M. Ansar confirmed that contact had made contact with Hampshire County Council regarding the Community Cohesion project (Item 8 of the minute book). Unfortunately an upcoming meeting regarding the subject had been postponed and there are few Muslim representatives, however, there is a meeting scheduled for the 18 November, which Mr. M. Ansar is attending.Ref

It was also agreed that it would be beneficial for a paper on the representation of SACRE and historical background to be presented at the next SACRE meeting. Mohammed Ansar and Patricia Hannam agreed to work on this jointly. ref

18 May 2010 – HIEF

  • Mohammed AnsarSACRE, PREVENT, SCOF, HIN and Southampton Muslim Partnership; Religion ref
  • 3. Voting for Chair/Vice-chair Jane explained how the election process would work. The issue of gender equality interms of Chair/Vice-chair, mentioned at the last meeting, was raised. It was agreed tosee how things ‘panned out’ during the process. The 3 candidates were Mohammed,Derek and Juliette. Each candidate answered the same 3 interview questions and theother steering group members used scoring sheets to score each candidate’s answers. The other 2 candidates went out of the room whilst each candidate was interviewed. Jeffdid not take part in scoring the candidates as he had to leave the room at the start of theprocess.The result was that Mohammed was elected Chair and Juliette elected Vice-chair. Jane is to meet with Mohammed at later date. She continued to chair current meeting. ref
  • • There was a discussion around using the word ‘enablement’ in connection with Forum. Mohammed and others suggested it should be more ‘signposting and support’. ref
  • There was a discussion around the word ‘may’ (point i, decision making withinmeetings), as in ‘CAH may not have a vote’. Whilst Jacqui thought it should read‘shall’, Mohammed thought some discretion was still needed. ref
  • Mohammed said that each Forum event should have a follow-up session from the previous event, before moving on to new items. ref
  • Chair to produce press release re. Forum – Mohammed ref

8 June 2010 – SACRE

  • p Mr. Mohammed Ansar -Muslim Ref
  • Item 34, Page 7 – Mohammed Ansar informed the Council that funding is something that SCOF are unable to offer at this time.ref
  • The Chairman thanked Mohammed Ansar for organising the venue for the meeting and the Muslim community’s hospitality.ref
  • BI-NATIONAL RE CELEBRATION 2011The Council received the report of the Director of Children’s Services (Item11 in the Minute Book) summarising the proposal from the RE Council of England and Wales to launch a national celebration of religious education during the month of March 2011.SACRE had already agreed that this is something that the Council would like to be involved with and were reminded that it is important for SACRE members to get involved in and support any events local to them. Visits toplaces of worship are a good way of getting children interactive andinvolved. It was proposed that a temporary sub-group be put together to arrange and organise the celebration and how the Hampshire SACRE can get involved. Cllr Pam Mutton, Pat Hannam, Judith Lowndes, Mohammed Ansar, Pat Fry and Elizabeth Jenkerson all volunteered to be on the sub-group,which will meet in September and report back at the November SACRE meeting.ref

14 July 2010 – CYPSC

  • Parent Governor vacancies: The Chairman welcomed Parent Governor Representative candidates for primary schools who had come to observe the working of the committee prior to selecting one from among them for the vacancy. The candidate selected is Mohammed Ansar, ParentGovernor at XXX Primary School ref

17 August 2010 – HIEF

  • Mohammed Ansar; SACRE, PREVENT, SCOF, HIN and Southampton Muslim Partnership; Religion & belief ref
  • Mohammed introduced himself as Chair, followed by round table introductions. ref
  • A new press release is to be released by Jane/Mohammed concerning the new steering group structure and the next forum event in September 2010. ref
  • The following sub-groups are being set up:
  • 1. Executive committee – the following put their names forward for this committee: Mohammed, Juliette, Jane, Derek and Dianne. No objections were received and the committee will stand as: Mohammed, Juliette, Derek, Dianne and Jane. Jane to check if those who sent apologies want to be involved. Most communication will be email/phone. ref
  • 2. Events sub-group – this consists of Mohammed, Madeline and Jane. ref

2010 – 2011

29 September 2010 – HIEF Presentation

Mohammed Ansar HIEF Steering Group Chair ref

  • Jane Rawlins-Mateus, Forum Co-ordinator and Mohammed Ansar, Forum Chair, gave an update on the main achievements and work of the Forum to date. These include: the development of the finalised version of the Forum Strategic Plan and 3-Year Action Plan,Service Level Agreement signed with South Central Ambulance Service and plans for formalising similar agreements with Hampshire County Council and the NHS and an update about the research projects in progress with people with learning disabilities and older people.
  • Mohammed Ansar, Chair of the Forum spoke about the importance of the Equality Act to diverse individuals in Hampshire. ref

13 October 2010 – CYPSC

  • Co-opted Members: p Mohammed Ansar – Parent Governor (primary);
  • “Mohammed Ansar as Chair of Hampshire Equality and Diversity Forum interjected and implied that it was not acceptable that the figures for BMEs were not available at the same time as the general figures were released.”

23 November 2010 – SACRE

  • Apologies were received from Mr M Ansar ref

1 December 2010 – HIEF

    Mohammed Ansar, Forum Steering Group Chair then summarised the main achievements:

  • 1. Development The selection of Steering Group members, the appointment of a Chair and Vice-chair,the holding of 5 Steering Group Meetings, the setting up of sub-groups and engagement of a research volunteer.
  • 2. Events With the support of WACA (Winchester Area Community Action) and CAH(Community Action Hampshire) the HIEF had held four events across Hampshire.With a variety of content and formats, these had provided opportunities to hear speakers, celebrate Hampshire diversity, engage in workshops and network with each other as well as representatives from public bodies. A total of over 300 individuals had attended events which had consistently received good evaluations.
  • 3. Research Projects
  • investigating the needs of older people
  • strategic financial inclusion work (across equality strands)
  • Safe Haven research for people with Learning Difficulties
  • 4. Widening Representation and Partnership Working Steering group members and the Diversity Network Co-ordinator had attended and participating in a range of collaborative meetings with public sector bodies (including NHS steering group meeting, HVSC meeting, HCC service users conference, SCAS consultation and Hampshire Partnership Trust meeting)

The next HIEF Steering Group meeting was scheduled for February 2011. It happened in March 2011, but no minutes exist on the web.

2 March 2011 – HIEF
The minutes for this meeting of the HIEF Steering Group are not available to view online.
It was at this meeting that the “internal difficulties within the HIEF Steering Group.” ref led to it’s disbandment. HIEF reformed in June 2011 as an Action Group without Mohammed Ansar as Chair.

HAMPSHIRE DIVERSITY SUPPORT PROJECT 2009-2012 Evaluation Report – HIEF 8.2 ref

1 March 2011 – SACRE

  • p Mr. Mohammed Ansar – Muslim ref
    Item 51 – Humanist Representation on SACRE
    The Chairman thanked Jean for her presentation at the last meeting and the subsequent discussion about bringing Humanists into Group A (which comprises Christian denominations, other than the Church of England, and other religions and denominations representative of the area) rather than being co-opted member; she explained that a vote had not been taken at the meeting as the Council was not quorate. With regard to the issue of future membership of Group A she felt that it would be a good idea and a fair way forward to set up a sub group which would identify criteria that could be referred to when new members wish to apply to become members of SACRE. The meeting of this sub group would be held on 4 May 2011 at 12.00 pm at the RE Centre, Monarch Way, Winchester. Councillor Mrs Sam Darragh, Councillor Mrs Roz Muschamp, Mr Mohammed Ansar, Mr Chris Hughes, Mrs Jean O’Reilly, Mrs Elizabeth Jenkerson and Mr Tony Blackshaw volunteered to form the group. ref
  • Mr Mohammed Ansar agreed to give a short presentation on the Muslim faith at the start of the November meeting. ref
  • Members were pleased to be informed that three Hampshire Primary Schools – Hordle C of E Primary, St Albans C of E (Aided) Primary, Havant,and Sparsholt C of E Primary had won competitions as part of the RE celebrations. SACRE members were asked to volunteer to present the prizes at these schools .
    (i) That SACRE notes the report.
    (ii) That SACRE members contact their local schools to offer support during Celebrating RE month.
    (iii) That the prizes be presented at Sparsholt by Councillor Mrs Charlotte Bailey and either Mrs Pat Fry or Mr Mohammed Ansar, at Hordle by Mrs Elizabeth Jenkerson and at St Albans by Mrs Jackie Chong ref
  • Mr Mohammed Ansar told members about Southampton Muslim Council’s Muslim Awareness month; he invited SACRE members to make contact if they would like to attend the conference on 26 March 2011. ref

22 March 2011 – CGF

Apologies: Mohammed Ansar – HGA ref

18 May 2011 – CGF

Apologies: Mohammed Ansar – HGA ref


8 November 2011 – SACRE

  • At the start of the meeting there will be a presentation from Mohammed Ansar, one of the Muslim representatives on SACRE. There will be time for questions and discussion. ref

21 February 2012 – SACRE

  • p Mr. Mohammed Ansar – Muslim ref

8 March 2012 – Hampshire Governors’ Association

Apologies: Mohammed Ansar ref

19 June 2012 – SACRE

  • p Mr. Mohammed Ansar -Muslim ref
    Michael Zeffertt brought to Members’ attention his concerns regarding a recent GCSE RE question, which had made the news: “Explain, briefly, why some people are prejudiced against Jews.” It was generally felt that the question was inappropriate, and would also have been if used in any other religious context. It was commented that if the subject had been well taught then students would answer this type of question appropriately and experience had shown that more intolerant answers were found on general religious papers,rather than ones concerned with a specific religion. Patricia Hannam told Members that her investigations about the question had shown it had been on a resit paper with only about one thousand students nationally sitting the paper.Mohammad Ansar informed Members that he hoped to attend a joint meeting of the APPG on Education and the APPG on Islamophobia, at the House of Commons on 20 June 2012. The group would be looking at a report for the National Curriculum Review on improving the quality of History teaching in relation to religion and that he would report back to SACRE on the meeting. He also suggested that the introduction of an Islamophobia module into the Agreed Syllabus should be considered. ref

2012 – 2013

8 October 2012

9 October 2012 – Hampshire Governors’ Association

  • Apologies: … Mohammed Ansar ref

13 November 2012 – SACRE

  • p Mr. Mohammed Ansar -Muslim ref
  • Item 117 – Mohammad Ansar told the Council that he had unfortunately not been able to attend the joint APPG group, but would keep SACRE informed of any reports he received. ref

4 March 2013 – SACRE

  • p Mr. Mohammed Ansar – Muslim ref

25 June 2013 – SACRE

  • a Mr Mohammed Ansar – Muslim ref
  • Apologies were received from … Mr Mohammed Ansar … ref

2013 – 2014

12 November 2013 – SACRE

  • a – Mr Mohammed Ansar -Muslim ref
  • Apologies were received from … Mohammed Ansar. ref

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