Evolution and Creationism

Evolution and Creationism

In March 2009, the National Secular Society reported that: “Hampshire SACRE has recommended that evolution and creationism be taught jointly in RE and science lessons. The aim, says the SACRE, is for pupils to explore the science and theology together, then come to their own conclusions. The new unit of work was set up after Clive Erricker, county inspector for RE, was asked to examine the suitability of a dual approach. According to a local newspaper report Erricker said: “The tensions between religion and science should not be denied but nor should we paint a black and white picture. He added that the evolution-creationism debate was “complex” but could be simplified – and he has written a teachers’ guide with subjects for pupils to study. When asked how it would work in practice, Mr Erricker said: “There are no models. We will create a new model of learning.”[275]

” THE guide has received a mixed from religious groups. [SACRE] Panel member Mohammed Ansar, representing Sunni Islam, criticised the guide for looking through “tinted spectacles of Christianity versus evolution.” He said: “I would like to see another section towards the end that looked at the wider aspect and other great faiths.” Mr Erricker said this would make the guide too complex but promised to add a reading list with references to Islam.”[276]

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