Hampshire SACRE Resources

On the Hampshire County Council “support area containing links and downloadable resources, supporting secondary RE and GCSE revision”:

Resources to support the teaching of Islam in the Secondary School Web Links: BBC news report and interview with the new Imam in the British Army Chaplaincy service. The British armed forces’ first Muslim chaplain says there is no conflict between being a Muslim and fighting for Britain Mohammed Ansar, former EDL leader Tommy Robinson and the Quilliam Foundation Qur’an and Hadith – Translation and Commentary Islamic Global Tradition in Pictures – Peter Sanders Native Deen My faith, my voice East London Mosque and Islamic Centre 2013 UK Global Peace and Unity Islamic Exhibition and Workshops BBC Guide to Islam Islamic Online and TV Channel Oxford University Lecture 2013 – Tariq Ramadan and Hamza Yusuf Rethinking Islamic reform Oxford University Debate 2013 – Mehdi Hasan Islam is a peaceful religion Oxford University Islamic Studies http://re.hias.hants.gov.uk/course/view.php?id=72

There is an immediate problem with some of these resources, in particular, the linking to the “UK Global Peace and Unity 2013” event, and to the “Islam Channel”.

The 2013 UK Global Peace and Unity event hasn’t promoted Global Peace and Unity. It is an annual conference that has featured preachers with track a record of hate speech against gays, apostates, Jews, and misogyny.

The Islam Channel has been fined by Ofcom Ofcom.org.uk/files/2010/07/IslamChannel.pdf; and in 2010 was “rapped for advocating marital rape.

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