[edit] Interfaith

“Mohammed is … a member of the Interfaith Relations Committee of the Muslim Council of Britain. He has played a leading role in the development of … the Muslim Council of Southampton, Hampshire … and Southampton Muslim Partnership where he fostered a framework for Muslim community engagement which became a leading model of best practice in the UK.” “He is also a member of the Southampton Council of Faiths and Hampshire Interfaith Network.”[254]

[edit] Peter Symonds College

“Regularly engaging in interfaith, Mohammed established the first multi-faith chaplaincy at Wikipedia:Peter Symonds College, one of the largest sixth form colleges in Britain. He is a visiting lecturer at the Wikipedia:University of Winchester and speaks publicly on theology, Wikipedia:Islamophobia and Wikipedia:Islam in contemporary Britain.”[255]

Until recently, Ansar’s twitter bio claimed he was a “Lay Imam / Chaplain”[256]. This has since been removed from his bio[257]. On 21 December 2012, Ansar claimed: “My weekly standing-room-only sessions as a multi-faith chaplain in one of the country’s largest sixth form colleges was open to all students, of faith or none”[258]. At present, it is not possible to confirm when Ansar held this role, but it is certain this was before the present incumbant, Reverend Peter Seal, who has been the Chaplain of Peter Symonds College since 2000[259].

[edit] Christianity

On April 2012, Mohammed Ansar claimed that:

@MoAnsar: “On this Easter weekend, let’s remember that Islam and Christianity are closer to each other theologically, than any other two faiths.”[260]
@trevorcummings: “Judaism must be a very close contender”[261]
@MoAnsar: “Judaism which rejects Christ vs Islam which accepts him? Hmm.”[262]
@trevorcummings: “Islam and Christianity are built on the shared prophets from Judaism. On rejection Christianity does recognise Muhammad does it?”[263]
@MoAnsar: “Judaism? Was Moses a Jew?”[264]
@trevorcummings: “no but by the same token nor was Abraham who is celebrated by these 3 religions.”[265]

[edit] On Jesus

[edit] Crucifixion and Resurrection

On 31 January 2012, Mohammed Ansar claimed on twitter that:

@MoAnsar: “Jews wanted Jesus crucified to death & refused his message. Islam accepts both but he’s still ≠ BFF with Islam?”
@RepStones: “@MoAnsar don’t think u can say Jews did. The Sanhedrin certainly did. @ajhmurray”[267]

Ansar claims that 2bn Muslims don’t understand the crucifixion or resurrection:

@MoAnsar: “Don’t understand the crucifixion and resurrection? Join over 2bn Muslims. Neither do we. Still love Christians nonetheless.”[268]

Ansar wrote:

@MoAnsar: “Qs: If Christ was in hiding for 3 days and 3 nights as he tells his companions on Sunday; exactly who was crucified on Friday evening?”[269]

Ansar claimed that 2.2bn Muslims agree that there’s no evidence for the resurrection[270].

[edit] Jesus Not Jewish

Ansar has claimed several times that that Jesus wasn’t Jewish[271][272][273][274] and has promoted at least three times, an Islamophobic and anti-Semitic holocaust-denial website to support his argument:, where an article, written by anti-Semite Benjamin H. Freedman [275][276][277] has been republished.

Between 4 and 7 Feb 2012:

@MoAnsar: “@Vivdora ..he greets his companions with ‘shalom alaichum’ .. peace be with you. Traditional for Jews is merely Shalom in Hebrew.”[278] (now deleted)

Traditional for Jews is not “merely Shalom in Hebrew”, it is “Shalom aleichem” from Bereishit (Genesis) 43:23.

On 14 February 2012:

@MoAnsar: “@anticameron Not at all. Did you Jesus only became considered ‘Jewish’ in the Middle Ages. Before then he was always known as Judean.”[279] (now deleted)

This is a direct reference to the work of notorious American antisemite Benjamin H. Freedman.
On 9 July 2012:

@MoAnsar: “Jesus never describes himself as a Jew. Academics say this term was introduced in the 18th century to align Xstians and Jews”[280]

The academic referred to here by Mohammed Ansar, is Benjamin H. Freedman, a notorious antisemite[281] and convert to Roman Catholicism[282]. Interestingly, despite Freedman’s conversion to Roman Catholicism, Ansar insists that Freedman was Jewish[283].

On 22 July 2012:

@MoAnsar: “#Christians often ask ‘#WWJD’ (What Would #Jesus Do)… well, guess what? He would do #Ramadan. Just like he did when he was alive.”[284] (Retweets 13, Favorite 1)
‏@Lillbirdtoldme “Did Jews have a variant of Ramadan in Christ’s time?”[285]
‏@MoAnsar: “Was Jesus a Jew? And yes, we say he fasted during Ramadan.”[286]
@Lillbirdtoldme “That wasn’t the question. I asked if the Jews observed a variant of Ramadan in at the time when Christ was alive?”[287]
@Lillbirdtoldme “Unless you’re contesting that he was Jewish. I didn’t think there was any disagreement about that.”[288]
‏@MoAnsar: “Which I am.”[289]

On 28 November 2012:

Ansar: “”When and how Jesus became ‘white’ ” < He’s not white, not black. Just Palestinian.”[290]
Lillbirdtoldme: “Actually, to be precise, a Jewish Mediterranean Semite.”[291]
Ansar: “Who said he was Jewish?”[292]
Lillbirdtoldme: “Why, who said he wasn’t Jewish?”[293]
Ansar: “I do:[294]
Lillbirdtoldme: “Despite the semantic & political battle in yr 2 examples,why then did he celebrate Passover,a soley Jewish rite?”[295]
Ansar: “Semantic battle? I really think you should take some time and read Freedman’s research more carefully.”[296]

On 13 December 2012:

Ansar: “Britishness? German Royalty – Palestinian Christ – Turkish St George – Indian Curry – Polish Builders – Pakistani Taxis. #bbcqt”[297]
eldarvox: “Wasn’t Jesus a Jew?”[298]
Ansar: “No”[299]

[edit] On Christmas

Ansar claimed Jesus would have banned Christmas[301] and called Christmas “a false festival:

“Its [sic] the pagan festivals of saturnalia and yule AND Jesus would have banned it”[302]. :“Creating a false festival (which #Jesus would condemn) & criticising others for correcting the waywardness – beyond irony.”[303]
“Calling to account on a divisive issue such as fallacy of Xmas is important. No room for intolerance but challenge, yes.”[304]

[edit] On Paul

Ansar views most Christians as following Paul, not Christ:

“I know the Bible. Do you know Christians follow Paul, the single biggest author of the Bible, not Christ?”[305]
“Most modern Xstians follow Paul, not Christ.”[306].
“There is no better Christian than a good Muslim.”[307]
“West is scared witless whilst the enlightened realise Islam is a force for spiritual renewal, esp. for Xstians”[308]
“That Paul’s authority is greater than Christ’s, is a matter which needs to be addressed #bbctbq”[309]
“To be a Muslim, is for me, to be the closest follower of Christ. Modern Western Christians often follow Paul far more.”[310]

Ansar views Paul as not following Christ[311].

[edit] On Christians

In 2006, Ansar claimed in his blog that Christians can’t read the Bible[312] as it has been corrupted[313]:

“Believe it or not, references to the holy Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) are made in the Bible although very few Christians know where these references actually are as they turn the pages. In the original scriptures Mohammed is actually mentioned by name. The Old Testament was written in Hebrew and the New Testament in Greek. In the Old Testament in the Song of Solomon v5, Ch 16 in the Hebrew language it reads (phonetically)

“hikko ma mithakimm vi kullo mohammadim zehdudi vi zeherehi baynat yerushalem”
The word mohammadim is Mohammed with ‘im’ – ‘im’ is a plural of respect in Hebrew. For example, in the Old Testament, Genesis v1 Ch 1, it says

“in the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth”
God in Hebrew is ‘Elohim’, ‘El’ and ‘Ella’ is God; Elohim is a plural of respect. In all Arabic / Hebrew languages there are plurals of respect as well as in numbers. In Christianity, Elohim has been misinterpreted as meaning ‘Gods’ i.e. the Trinity, but there is not a single Bible on Earth which speaks of ‘Gods’ – in the English it only says ‘God’. Elohim is not plural in the numerical sense. Any Jew can confirm that ‘im’ means plural of respect in Hebrew (but not numerical plural) – God is one but we speak like this as respect. In English the songs of Solomon are translated as

“his beloved of mine is all together lovely”
If you read like this there is no association with ‘Mohammed’. There is no way to associate this. There should be no right to translate the names of people. Mr Black is Mr Black – in Arabic we would not call him Mr Aswad (‘black’ in Arabic). In English Mohammadim has been translated as ‘all together lovely’. The word ‘Mohammadim’ is in the Hebrew original.”[314]

On reflection, it appears that Ansar[315] plagiarised the contents of his above blog post from Dr. Zakir Naik[316]. The blog post was also posted to Daniel Pipes’ forum in December 2006[317], nine months after Ansar created his blog post.

[edit] Islam

[edit] Theology

[edit] Muhammad in the Bible

Ansar claims, using a link leading to a PDF from, that: “… Muhammad is in the Bible you have today, turn to Songs of Solomon 5:16 …”[318].

[edit] Practices

[edit] Hijab

Ansar claims that Hijab means “modesty”[319], and a counter to that claim from a Yorkshire-based Muslim woman[320] resulted in him blocking the informant[321].
Ansar claims that “Virt. every school of Muslim thought agrees khimar (headscarf) is obligatory in Islam. Yet many high profile Muslim women do *not* wear it.”[322].

Ansar views Hijab as obligatory[323] and views any other viewpoint as “dissonant”[324][325]. This viewpoint, and Ansar’s rigidity on accepting other interpretations, was debated by Maajid Nawaz in September 2012, after a tweet about the British sit-com Citizen Khan generated ire from Ansar[326]:

Nawaz:“I accept ur view but do u accept view that Hijab is not obligation as valid Ijtihad or not?”[327].

Referring to the well-known Muslim theologian, Qur’anic scholar and exegete, Javaid Ghamidi on Hijab, Nawaz asked Ansar to: “please look into scholarly credentials of those who argue Hijab is not obligatory&then read their arguments,before speaking”[328].

The scholarly opinion of Javaid Ghamidi on whether Hijab is mandatory is that:

“There is absolutely no foundation for this in Islam. The Holy Qur’an prescribes four directives in this regard, of which the two are for both men and women alike, and the two are related to women alone because of their special characteristics. These directives may be explained as: when men and women meet, they should restrain their gazes and cover their private parts well. The women, in addition, are required to cover their bosoms and not to display their ornaments except for those which are worn on body parts that are naturally kept uncovered.”[329].

Ansar views parents who are “bringing daughters up with modesty but not pressuring to wear hijab”[330] as“ignorant of their own Islam, are misguiding their children to assimilate, should this not be challenged?[331].

On 2 September 2012, Mohammed Ansar promoted a Hizb ut Tahrir article as a “must read”:

@MoAnsar: “RT – Attacked for my hijab. A UK Muslim woman’s experience (via @tajimustafa) > a must read.”[332]

In October 2012, Ansar noted that “”Almost 100% of Muslim women leading in political life and the media are without the khimar (headscarf) #HijabFreedom”[333], stating that: “Modesty/hijab an essential Islamic commentary on morality, ethics, principles of social interaction, objectification, sexualisation.”[334]. Disagreement with a Muslim woman arose: “The hijab is not compulsory in Islam, it is not made mandatory in the Qur’an.”[335].
Ansar insisted: “Every school of thought since the time of the Prophet, including the Prophet, until today, says it is.”[336]. “It is mandated in the Quran and Hadith and it encapsulates morality, objectification and ethics of societal interactions”[337]. As before, Ansar gave a SunniPath Academy Teacher, Shaykh Nuh Ha Mim Keller, an American Sufi Muslim convert who espouses “traditional Islam”[338], as a reference[339].
On 15 January 2013, Mohammed Ansar stated again that the headscarf was obligatory for Muslims: “Although the crucifix has great value to Christians; it’s not prescribed/obligatory as the headscarf for Muslims, and the turban for Sikhs.”[340]
Again, Mohammed Ansar gave the following scholars as “accepted consensus opinions”:

“These are the accepted consensus opinions: … and … on khimar and khumur.”[341].

On 3rd February 2014, Sara Khan tweeted:

@SaraKhanInspire: “With the obsession,’6th pillar of islam’ attitude that exists around hijab,this paper raises points rarely discussed.[342]

Mohammed Ansar replied:

@MoAnsar: “@SaraKhanInspire Interesting. Perhaps that every school of thought since time of the Prophet (p) and scholarly ijma agrees, hijab is fardh?”[343]
@SaraKhanInspire: “@MoAnsar did you read the paper Mo?”[344]
@MoAnsar: “@SaraKhanInspire Yes. Also the QF ijtihad stating Hijab is no longer fardh.”[345]
@SaraKhanInspire: “@MoAnsar u clearly didn’t read it cuz if u did you’d know that yr 1st tweet is utterly redundant & 2nd tweet shows you’re not genuinely 1/2”[346]
@MoAnsar: “That’s a remarkably discourteous tweet. Let’s leave it there. Thank you.”[347]
@SaraKhanInspire: “@MoAnsar interested in debate. U just want to close it with yr narrow view of world. Written b4 UH joined QF but yr not interested. 2/2”[348]
@SaraKhanInspire: “@MoAnsar as was your 2nd tweet. But of course Mo only you can do right and be courteous and know the truth. Everyone else is wrong.”[349]

An excerpt from the paper linked to by Sara Khan:

“Islam and the Veil – Opening Up the Discussion About HijabBismillah. With the global discussion about the veil due to “World Hijab Day” on 1st February, 2014, this is a good time to re-publish here a detailed, academic paper from 2011. It is from the following book: – one of the editors was kind enough to say that mine was the best paper in the collection, which was quite a compliment since other authors include Javaid Ghamidi and other experts.


I also suggest the following questions as a guide to study/discussion sessions about this topic:STUDY/DISCUSSION QUESTIONS ABOUT VEILING (FOR A HETEROSEXUAL CONTEXT)”[350]

[edit] Sectarianism

Although Ansar views himself as being against sectarianism within Islam, his publicly voiced views appear to be in conflict with his self-proclaimed anti-sectarian stance.

Ansar: “For the record: if you know me, you know I stand utterly against sectarianism and the hatred or mistreatment of any group.”[351]

Following a close examination of Ansar’s tweet history, it seems that many of Ansar’s tweets about non-Sunni Muslims drip with sectarian contempt:

[edit] On Ahmadi

On 15 April 2012, following a request to retweet an anti-Ahmadi blog post from @abuspeedy[352], Ansar asked several prominent UK Muslim women: Ruwayda Mustafah[353]; Salma Yaqoob[354]; Miriam Francois-Cerrah[355], and; Yvonne Ridley[356]; to RT a link to a blog which presents Ahmadis a cult:

” Muslim woman denied her faith. In the UK. And suffering. Pls RT. … #TackleExtremism”[357].

None of these prominent spokeswomen obliged to RT Ansar’s link.

On 30 October 2012, Ansar tweeted to Catrine Nye:

“@CatrinNye @bbcasiannetwork A Muslim group? Will be the question being asked by many… #justfyi”[358]
“@CatrinNye This is not a fringe view but an accepted, mainstream agreed upon position: …”[359]

Ansar has since deleted the first tweet. The second tweet leads to an opinion by Gibril Haddad.
On November 2012, Ansar tweeted his response to a question about “Ahmadiyyans”[360], and recommended that that the questioner:

“Google MCB and Ahmadiya”[361]

and that he’d:

“had a few run-ins on here with them. The highest scholars of Islam have been clear about their religion.”[362], adding:
“It’s important not to call anyone personally a non Muslims if they feel they are[363] however we can make categorisations about various religions according to Islamic values. That means comment about[364] the religions not the people personally. I hope that helps.”[365].

In 2009, MCB’s Inyat Bunglawala wrote an article in The Guardian newspaper outlining the protest by Muslims against Ahmadi mosque, recommending that:

“it is crucial that British Muslims work with other faith groups in wider society to uphold the freedom of religion and not unwittingly assist those who seek to undermine it.”[366].

However, in 2003, Bunglawala wrote:

” the Ahmadi community are regarded by the Muslim world as non-Muslims. We view them in much the same way as mainstream Christians would view the Mormons or the Seventh Day Adventists – as a cult group. In common with non-Muslims, Ahmadis are also not allowed to enter the sacred Islamic cities of Makka and Madina in Saudi Arabia. So while we fully accept the right of Ahmadis to their own religion – we cannot accept them being described as Muslims. They are not.”[367].

It is this latter statement from Bunglawala that one arrives at by googling “MCB and Ahmadiya”[368].

“Starting in 1953, Jamaat’s leader Maulana Maudoodi unleashed violent riots in Pakistan calling for the Muslim sect of Ahmadiyas to be declared non-Muslim.”[369].
“MCB has not strayed far from these roots. The organization has banned Ahmadiyas from joining the MCB and has campaigned to have them excluded from high-level meetings with the British government.”[370].

On 20th October 2013, Mo Ansar claimed he was not against Ahmadi Muslims, but made no statement about the Ahmadi religion, which he has previously stated, in his and in Sunni scholars’ opinion, is not part of Islam:

“No, I am not against Ahmadi Muslims – not at all, not in the least.”[371]

[edit] On Alawis

Ansar tweeted:
On 4 Feb 12, in response to a tweet by Anas Al Tikriti, UK representative of the Muslim Brotherhood:

@anasaltikriti: “For the record; I’m opposed to an attack on #Iran, but its stance on #Syria is utterly despicable and absolutely immoral.”[372]
@moansar: “Albeit scholars of Sunni Islam reject the Alawis as Muslim, in Iran they are regarded as merely excessive #bedfellows @anasaltikriti”[373]

On 4 March 2012, in response to a tweet by Anas Al Tikriti, UK representative of the Muslim Brotherhood:

@anasaltikriti: “Reports of Israeli drones providing support for the Asaad regime, have a serious bearing on Iran’s moral and ethical stand. #Syria”[374]
@moansar: “@anasaltikriti If Iran cut ties with Assad/Alawis, it may weaken Assad & strengthen support for Iran at a critical time #tipthebalance”[375]

Ansar tweeted that he views “The West” as having installed “the Alawis”:

26 May 12: “The West installed the Alawis and they armed them. They lit the match. Now they watch.”[376]

This view is also espoused and promulgated by Hizb ut-Tahrir:

3 Jun 12: “@MoAnsar Because the West have supported #Assad family for decades + put Alawis in power.They will not remove regime for an unknown quantity”[377]

Ansar describes the Sunni view that Alawis as not being Muslim.

26 May 12: “Every school of Sunni thought rejects the Alawis as not being Muslim. The shia have “claimed” them as theirs.”[378]
28 May 12: “They’re not really Shia. Alawis rejected by all schools of Sunni thought and so ‘claimed’ by Twelvers.”[379]

Mo Ansar gives his personal view that:

29 May 12: ” I would say the Alawis are not Muslim – they are rejected by every school of Sunni thought.”[380]
1 Jun 12:“Oh dear, an ill informed #Newsnight report states Alawis are “an offshoot” of Shia Islam. #Incorrectamundo.”[381]

On 3 Jun 12, Mehdi Hasan has criticised Ansar for his “tribal” comments “demonising all ‘Alawis’ on the basis … of Assad’s behaviour”[382]:

@moansar: “@ns_mehdihasan The Alawis will *never* go quietly; Assad snr massacred tens of ‘000s. How can we not back a Turkish lead ‘best’ option?”[383]
@mehdirhasan: “@MoAnsar slightly disturbed by the way you are demonising all ‘Alawis’ on the basis of loathsome assad’s behaviour. Don’t be tribal.”[384]

Despite the interjection from Mehdi Hasan in Jun 12, Mo Ansar continued his twitter demonisation of all Alawais:

24 Nov 12:“They dont fast, pray or have mosques. Every school of sunni thought rejects them as being Muslim…”[385]

[edit] On Shia

Ansar has said that:

14 April 2012: “Shiaism and unislamic practices are… well.. unislamic.”[386].

He later deleted his tweet.

Ansar said Shia have “muddied intention”:

3 June 2012: “Its hard for any shia or pro Iran / pro Israeli not to have a muddied intention.”[387]

Ansar has said that because Shia don’t follow the sunnah (way of the prophet) they are not true muslims:

14 November 2012: “Then they would be following the sunnah (example/teaching of the Prophet) not shiaism.”[388]

[edit] On Hazara

Ansar labelled a Hazara activist a ‘shia extremist’:

Ansar: “Shia extremists like @EliyaHazara should actually listen to me when I speak out clearly against sectarianism:[389]

Ansar has said of the systematic massacres by Sunni militants Lashkar-e-Jhangvi that:
Ansar: “Its appalling but far from a genocide.”[390]

[edit] Islamic History

[edit] Islam: The Untold Story

[edit] Tom Holland

On 27 Jan 2014, Mohammed Ansar called his “friend”, the historian Tom Holland a “twat” and made crude insults involving oral sex:

Holland_tom: “@MoAnsar I’m not sure that making crude jokes about oral sex entirely squares with that noble aspiration, but still…”[391]
@MoAnsar: “@holland_tom It was in retort to you being a twat and insulting me. Worked for me. #crybaby”[392]

Ansar and Holland became twitter-friends on 5 Apr 2012[393]:

@MoAnsar: “It seems with Niall Ferguson, MacCulloch, now Holland we remain inundated by Western revisionism attempting to force a neo-schism in Islam”[394]
@JandMo: “@MoAnsar Yes, the search for historical truth is a Western plot”[395]
@MoAnsar: “. @JandMo It really is a dystopian world when revisionism, obscurantism and obfuscation pass for a search for truth.”[396]
@JandMo: “@MoAnsar Assessing actual evidence unburdened by the need to maintain a faith-identity is more likely to yield truth”[397]
@MoAnsar: “@JandMo We invented the scientific method, so you’re pushing against an open door. Christian narrative for Islamic discourse doesn’t work.”[398]
@JandMo: “@MoAnsar So will you be reading Holland’s book?”[399]
@MoAnsar: “@JandMo Might do. Depends if there are good pictures for colouring.”[400]
@Holland_tom: “@MoAnsar @JandMo the photos are nice and glossy, I’m afraid, but there are some maps you might enjoy colouring in?”[401]
@MoAnsar: “@holland_tom @JandMo say some felt it was a waste of time. You are welcomed to send an impoverished man of the cloth a copy.”[402]
@holland_tom: “@MoAnsar if u believe the Qur’an is of divine origin, isn’t writing a book based on the presumption it isnt bound to seem a waste of effort?”[403]
@MoAnsar: “@holland_tom Is it not worth knowing what you think? When I met Peter Hitchens he was a little surprised I offered consolations.”[404]
@Holland_tom: “@MoAnsar i have met Muslims who valued my attempt to fathom Islam’s beginnings, and those who dismissed it as a waste of time. i get both.”[405]
@MoAnsar: “@holland_tom I know the feeling :)”[406]
@Holland_tom: “@MoAnsar From a cursory reading of your twitter stream, I rather get the sense that you do!”[407]
@MoAnsar: “@holland_tom Oh no.. I’m too soft for the hardliners and too hard for the progressives.”[408]
@Holland_tom: “@MoAnsar and i should emphasise the book is as much about Judaism, Chr and Zor as Islam, and about the Persian & Roman empires as the Arab”[409]
@MoAnsar: “@holland_tom I love to read, just rarely get the time. Too busy saving the world with my Christian brethren.”[410]
@Holland_tom: “@MoAnsar As the Good Book says – ‘Alms are for the poor & needy.’ I would be honoured to send you a free copy, and store up riches in heaven”[411]
@MoAnsar: “@holland_tom That’s very gracious of you Tom.”[412]
@Holland_tom: “@MoAnsar How should I get it to you?”[413]
@MoAnsar: “@holland_tom Follow me and I’ll do same.”[414]

[edit] Muslims in pre-Columbian America

On Columbus Day 2013, Ansar tweeted:

“For the record, Muslims inhabited the #Americas centuries before it was colonised by European settlers. Real history. #ColumbusDay”[415]

The reference Ansar gave to support this claim linked to a 1996 essay by Dr. Youssef Mroueh[416]. Mroueh, a physicist and mathematician, was born in Lebanon in the late 1930s and now resides in Canada[417].

[edit] Judaism

In April 2012, Mohammed Ansar wrote on twitter that:

@MoAnsar: “unlike Christianity and Judaism, which despite their beauty, flounder in the darkness of corrupt texts and equivocalness.”[418] (now deleted)

[edit] On Jews

In April 2006, Mohammed Ansar wrote in his blog that:

@MoAnsar: “… according to the Book of Moses, the Jews are utterly prohibited from oppressing another people, having been oppressed themselves. They are meant to wander without a land. They are in the main European, Ashkenazim, Khazar, non-Sephardic and non-Semitic Jews.”[419]

Ansar promoted his 2006 blog theme on the supposed non-semitic origin of Jews on twitter throughout 2011:

@MoAnsar: “@Muslimerican @RuwaydaMustafah ?? Ashkenaz Jews from Eastern Europe, Russia & West will not have close DNA matches with semitic Arabs…”[420] (now deleted)

On 28 October 2011, Mohammed Ansar asked again if Jews were semites, and stated his belief that antisemitism was not being against Jews but was “European Zionism against Shemite Palestinians”:

@MoAnsar, 28 Oct 2011: “@DAaronovitch The ugly cacotopia is that antisemitism is actually Euro-Zionism against Shemite Palestinians. Qs: Jews a race, even Semitic?”[421]

Ansar continued this approach in 2012:

@MoAnsar: “European Jews from Russia to Britain and America to Australia are the “indigenous” people of Palestine? Really?”[422]

Ansar appears to have taken this theme from the antisemite Benjamin H. Freedman, who worked alongside and promoted the far-right hate-preacher Gerald K. Smith.

@MoAnsar, 15 Sep 2011: “Is British Jewishness the model for engagement? Goodman says good multiculti (drinking tea) vs bad multicult (such as AQ)?”[423]

On 4 December 2011, Mohammed Ansar questioned why Christians are now supportive of Jews:

@MoAnsar, : “Islamic view of Christ: his revelation, 2nd coming, birth & life. Why are u not closer to Muslims? Jews accept none of this.”[424] (now deleted)
@MoAnsar: “Islam reveres his revelation, 2nd coming, birth, life, miracles, mother. Why not closer to Muslims? Jews accept none of this.”[425] (now deleted)
@MoAnsar: “Jews do not accept Christ, the Messiah, second coming, the Bible, the message, miraculous birth. Nothing.”[426]
@MoAnsar: “Again, Islam, the Quran, reveres Mary, Christ – risen to heaven alive to come again. A miraculous birth & life. Jews none.”[427] (now deleted)
@MoAnsar: “Qs: Islam reveres Christ. Believes in his birth, revelation, miracles, 2nd coming. Yet you’re closer to Jews who deny all of this?”[428] (now deleted)

On 18 December 2011, Mohammed Ansar stated again his belief that Jews should remain stateless:

@MoAnsar: “You will know as a Jew, that the State of Israel is against the Torah. Jews are to wander without a land.”[429] (now deleted)

On 31 January 2012, Mohammed Ansar tweeted that:

@MoAnsar: “Jews wanted Jesus crucified to death & refused his message. Islam accepts both but he’s still ≠ BFF with Islam?”[430] (now deleted)
@RepStones: “@MoAnsar don’t think u can say Jews did. The Sanhedrin certainly did. @ajhmurray”[431].

On 15 November 2012, Mohammed Ansar tweeted that:

@MoAnsar: “Every Jew should be condemning the appalling Israeli govt for acting against the values of the beautiful religion of Judaism.”[432]

[edit] On Israel

“Israel, arguably a terrorist state, is overwhelmingly core funded through the US and holocaust reparations.”[433]

[edit] Meeja Jews

[edit] Ed Milliband

@MoAnsar: “It consisted of Zionist Jew Miliband avoiding qs on Israeli refusing to follow UN resolns. Unsurprising.”[434] (now deleted)

[edit] Nigella Lawson

On 8 October 2012, Ansar tweeted:

“Like a good Jewish girl, Nigella is now cooking pork loins. #Awkwarrrrd”[435]
“Oh Nigella! Didn’t you read my tweets saying pigs are coprophagous, swine flesh unhealthy, tastes of human flesh, forbidden by all Prophets?”[436]

Nigella: “I was brought up an atheist and have always remained so. But at no time was I led to believe that morality was unimportant or that good and bad did not exist. I believe passionately in the need to distinguish between right and wrong and am somewhat confounded by being told I need God, Jesus or a clergyman to help me to do so.” Nigella Lawson, We atheists know right from wrong, The Times, 29 June 1996. Features section.”[437]

[edit] Lord Sugar

On 13 April 2013, Ansar compares Lord Alan Sugar to Shylock:

“It seems @Lord_Sugar is going for his pound of flesh. He might be careful what he wishes for:[438]

As Adam Feldman wrote, “there is no separating the play from its central image of a miserly Jew whetting his knife in his lust to carve out a piece of Christian flesh”[439]. Antisemitism here is confirmed by the inappropriateness of Ansar’s allusion to Shylock.

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