==Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA)==
=====2011 Chaired iERA debate at University of Southampton ISoc=====
On 5 December 2011, Ansar chaired a debate organised by University of Southampton Islamic Society between Clive Thorn and Adnan Rashid of the iERA/Hittin Institute entitled: ”Islam or Christianity: which is the way forward?”
In that video, Ansar mentions that iERA’s Hamza Andreas Tzortzis and Yusuf Chambers will be speaking on separate nights to the Southampton University ISoc later in the week. In January 2012, iERAuk contacted Mohammed Ansar to let him know that:
:@iERAuk 9 Jan 2012: ””You can request @AbduraheemGreen via InshaAllah @MoAnsar””

Subscript text======Promotions======
:29 Apr 2012: ”@Shifra5 Check out: and ”’IERA”'””
IDCI is a forerunner of iERA, founded in 2000 and vice-chaired by iERA’s Yusuf Chambers.
:27 Jul 2012: ””@Moriah_XO There are lots of websites out there. Turn to Islam and IERA are very good for dawah, sunnipath for opinions. Personally, I …””

===Evolution and ‘Embryology’===
:2 May 2012: ””Embryology in the Quran – all the misconceptions and myths answered in one document: … #PerfectIslam””
:1 Feb 2013: ””Evolution and Islam. Revelation, Science and Certainty.…””

===Mediation on behalf of iERA with Peter Tatchell===
On 18 March 2012, Mohammed Ansar revealed that he’d mediated on behalf of iERA:
:@MoAnsar 10:43 AM: ””Very difficult to hear the Islamophobe Peter Tatchell speak of morality to animals, when he denies it to Muslims #bbctbq””
:@mysteryhousewfy 10:48 AM: ””@MoAnsar He’s an Islamophobe?””
:@MoAnsar 10:53 AM: ””@mysteryhousewyf Unfortunately. Which is also sad since I’ve been a gay rights advocate for 10yrs.””
:@mysteryhousewyf 10:54 AM: ””@MoAnsar Thank you. Do you have a link or a quote that I could read that supports that? (just reading your blog BTW)””
:@MoAnsar 10:56 AM: ””@mysteryhousewyf Happy to discuss, a little later on perhaps. If that’s ok.””
:@mysterhousewfy 10:59 AM: ””@MoAnsar That’s fine. Understand and much appreciated. Thank you.””
:@MoAnsar 11:04 AM: ””@mysteryhousewyf A Muslim organisation called IERA do a massive amount of outreach work to dispel myths and…”” ””… misconceptions about Muslims which leads to horriric Islamophobia. PT went out of his way to block a conference…”” ””…being organised by them on combatting Islamophobia. He petitioned the hotel and used his website and influence to…”” ””…activate a mass movement against IERA and the hotel chain. Appalling use of islamophobic language…”” ”… and total refusal to engage, discuss at all his actions, or apologise. I sent him a lengthy email to try and mediate.””
:@mysteryhousewfy 11:19 AM: ””@MoAnsar I find it hard to believe @petertatchell is Islamophobic Per Se. rather both groups defending incitement at extreme end of each.””
:@mysteryhousewfy 11:20 AM: ””@MoAnsar Were those advocating execution of LGBT present at conference, I can understand, if not then surely a misunderstanding. Perhaps?””
:@mysteryhousewfy 11:22 AM: ””@MoAnsar @petertatchell I read a great article this morning about peaceful language of conciliation and change…. …””
:@mysteryhousewyf 11:24 AM: ””@MoAnsar Begins with position of acceptance rather than struggle. I read some of your blog and appreciate your many perspectives.Interesting””
:@MoAnsar 11:29 AM: ””@mysteryhousewyf We dispel hate by education and being prepared to challenge our misconceptions and bigotry.””
:@mysteryhousewfy 12:43 PM: ””@MoAnsar @PeterTatchell Here it is. The problem is in the language & root of difference. We are limited by word cages. …””
:@MoAnsar 12:45 PM: ””@mysteryhousewyf @PeterTatchell I know the report. I’ve had to speak on it at length. The fact remains that there are many good Muslim…””
:@MoAnsar 12:54 PM: ””@mysteryhousewyf @PeterTatchell My lengthy email to PT discussed our commonality and the need to work together to dispel hate.””
:@mysteryhousewfy 12:59 PM: ””@MoAnsar @PeterTatchell Yes. Fear is the root of all conflict and hate. Understand the difference, Remove the fear, Erase the Hate. Begin.:)””
:@mysteryhousewyf 2:41 PM: ””@MoAnsar @PeterRisdon Perhaps,to label people ‘Islamophobe’ or ‘zionist’ without due justification may also undermine YOUR work.Just saying.””
:@mysteryhousewfy 2:42 PM : ””@MoAnsar @PeterRisdon Feel there is real danger in dividing world into ‘Muslims’, ‘Zionists’, ‘Islamophobes’ and ‘Other’. Really. Feel sad.””
:@mysteryhousewyf 2:57 PM: ””@MoAnsar Understand. Justice isa relative term,thus social justice also. You’re an intelligent and talented man.I wish U success and clarity””
:@MoAnsar 3:02 PM: ””@mysteryhousewyf As an educationalist, I sense (and observe) a real desire to strive for social justice amongst the thinking youth.””
:@mysterhousewyf 3:07 PM: ””@MoAnsar Yes, and as an educationalist I worry that the thinking and Less-thinking youth will look to us to steer. And we must steer fairly.”

===Distributor of iERA Revert Dawah Boxes===
Mohammed Ansar has pointed ‘reverts’ in the direction of iERA:
@mikemitchener (now ‏@maalikmartin) 26 Apr 2013: “@MoAnsar salaam brother, you know the gift box you gave me when we met, do you know I can get one, got a guy who I think could be a brother””
:26 Apr 2013: ””@mikemitchener I got it from iERA. I may have one or two left. Let me have a look and inshAllah if so, I’ll post it to you.””
This appears to refer to the ””Dawah Gift Pack””, which are ””Welcome Packs … distributed over 300 new Muslim Welcome Packs to reverts nationwide to assist them in their initial transition into Islam”'<
Ansar has been mentioned on a revert website based in Southampton called ”South Coast New Muslims”

===Adnan Rashid===
:9 Jun 2013: ””Great to see brother Adnan Rashid speaking so eloquently on Syria this morning. #bbctbq””

===Tom Holland===
Mohammed Ansar has said of Tom Holland’s documentary that: ””it was an intentional attempt to obfuscate and eliminate real evidence.””. Ansar claims that Holland is his friend (21 Jan 2014):””I can’t help it, I like him. I think we are for the most part, friends. Friends who bowl beamers at one another. @holland_tom”, but previously has said to Hizb ut-Tahrir leader, Abdul Wahid (20 Jan 2013) that Tom Holland is an “orientalist revisionist””.

:Garmonowen 29 Aug 2012: ””@MoAnsar What is it that you disliked about Islam prog Mo? Am asking out of interest not to pick a fight. I know the grief you get bro””
:‏@MoAnsar 29 Aug 2012: ””@Garmonowen Do you mean Tom’s one?””
:‏@Garmonowen 30 Aug 2012: ””@MoAnsar yes.””
:‏@MoAnsar 30 Aug 2012: ””@Garmonowen Read these: … and …””

:@MoAnsar 30 Aug 2012: ””@DAaronovitch I value your opinion David. Have a look at these: Read these: … and … esp. first one.””

:31 Aug 2012 :””The Asian Image and @iera statements were on the money. If you havent seen them, do have a look.””

===Islam versus Atheism debate===
During the ”Islam versus Atheism” debate between iERA’s Hamza Andreas Tzortzis and Professor Lawrence Krauss at the University College London, Ansar live-tweeted a running commentary. Ansar resorted to abusive ad hominems against Krauss:””Krauss attempted to avoid a podium made for taller people, he twigged it made him short and emasculated. He was right”.”, and; ””Krauss stood up, towers 10″ above his opponent and the seated Chairman. Napoleonic? Absolutely””. Ansar deleted the latter of these statements, after criticism

On 12 December 2013, after students protested gender segregation in British universities, Mohammed Ansar, seemingly oblivious to his own previous ”point-scoring” and “mischief making”, he hypocritically tweeted:
:@MoAnsar: ””I witnessed first hand, mischief making and ignorant point scoring at the ignorant UCL debate with Krauss. He was out of line as were those students.””

On 12 December 2013, Mohammed Ansar’s views on gender segregation were satirised, and Ansar threatened libel action against its originator: ””That’s a libel.”” and ””We’ll be in touch.””. The tweet has since been removed.

Also on 12 December 2013, Mohammed Ansar wrote: ””I entirely oppose gender apartheid and always have. None of my statements support it. Hence the libel.””. However, on 8 June 2013, Mohammed Ansar had began a thread on twitter supporting gender segregation with the following statement: ””Apart from the odd swivel-eyed loon, Twitter is unanimous that its both natural and quite groovy to have informal segregation at gatherings.””

Other fallacies were also tweeted by Ansar during the debate:””Krauss in denial that deductive reasoning and the scientific method were pioneered through Islam and by Muslims””, contrary to the fact that deductive reasoning, pioneered by Aristotle, pre-dates Islam by several centuries.

During the online debate which raged following the debate, Ansar used equalities legislation to argue that UCL’s opposition to gender segregation was in breach of equalities legislation, saying it was an: ””illegal practice contrary to equalities legislation””. Ansar stated that: ””in UK law, it is a requirement to make REASONABLE adjustments under the Equality Act to include others.”” and that the iERA’s ””providing male, female and mixed seating … is REAL equality and inclusivity.”

While Ansar claimed that iERA had not enforced segregation at the debate, his view didn’t match with the experience of other attendees. Eyewitness Chris Moos, of the London School of Economics, reported reported that:””Separate entrances were in place for women and men, although couples were allowed to enter via the men’s door. Several members of the organiser’s security team directed people to stand in either the male or female queue based on their sex, both at the entrance to the building and the lecture theatre/ Signs pointing to “men” and “women” areas were in place. There were no signs for a mixed seating area, and attendees were guided by the guards to either the “female” or “male” area. Only attendees who insisted not to be separated were guided towards a “mixed” area, which comprised two rows.””

On 10 March 2013, Ansar discussed the event on his facebook page, saying: ””This debate yesterday was quite a spectacle. The nonsense before hand was quite unnecessary. Again we see how the human rights of Muslim women must give way to the rights of white men.””. On 11 March 2013, Ansar characterised many engaged in the ””UCL ‘segregation’ debate”” as ””unable to set aside self-interest of anti iera/Islam/theism.” However, according to Sheik Google:
:””There is no harm also if men and women sit in the same hall while they observe the ethics of Islamic interaction between males and females. In Islam, segregation is not a requirement, men and women used to interact in society without any partitions; they were working together even in the battlefields. We read in the sources that women such as Aishah, the wife of the Prophet (peace be upon him), Umm Sulaym and others used to serve the wounded soldiers. There, there is nothing for men and women sitting in the same hall as long as they observe the Islam guidelines of interaction and avoid indiscriminate mixing an mingling.””

Ansar encouraged iERA to ””to challenge UCL over their potentially defamatory statement”” after UCL banned iERA from holding further events on their premises

On 12 March 2013, Mohammed Ansar stated that he believed in: ””Gender segregation for religious modesty, is everyone’s inalienable human right to practice their religion.””.

====Ansar’s views on gender segregation====
On March 12, 2013:
:””Firstly, I’ve never asked for, nor do, I segregate seating at any of my talks or events.””
:””Secondly, it is a person’s inalienable human right to express their religion in any way they wish, so long as it does not harm others.””
:”Thirdly, if a person of religious orthodoxy wishes to sit in segregated seating, as a secular society we should be tolerant and inclusive.””
:””Fourthly, there needs to be a balancing of human rights; for religious rights to be accomodated without infringing the rights of others.””
:””Fifth, for absolute clarity: I do not support, nor condone, nor did I witness at the UCL event, enforced or forcible segregation.””
Ansar views opposition to segregation , as ””intolerance towards orthodoxy””

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