Muslim Brotherhood

Anas al-Tikriti

Ansar has described Anas al-Tikriti, President and founder of the Cordoba Foundation – a UK based lobby group for the Muslim Brotherhood – as ””my dear friend, the brilliant @anasaltikriti””.
On 2 Sep 2011, Ansar announced that he had met Anas al-Tikriti last night (1 September 2011):
:Ansar: ””Nice to meet Anas Al Tikriti tonight. He’s a big fan of my blog, how about that! moansar@blogspot.com”
On 3 October 2011:
:@MoAnsar: ””@anasaltikriti Alhamdlh. Look forward to it dear brother. Let us know when it will be aired.” (now deleted)”
On 9 March 2012, Ansar announced he had received a gift from al-Tikriti following a Southampton ISOC event:
:Ansar: ””A lovely, inspirational evening with my friend @anasaltikriti. Can only apologise for delaying him 30mins en route. The food is worth it :)””
:Ansar: ””A simply beautiful gift of arabian oudh from dear friend @anasaltikriti″”
al-Tikriti received a gift of food from the Ansars:
:al-Tikriti: ””Mrs. @MoAnsar ‘s fantastic spread which I came back with late last night. Where does one start?!””
On 15 March 2012, a conversation evolved following a Muslim Council of Britain event:
:@MoAnsar: ””Time for less tweeting. Now eating. Hope you enjoyed the talks. I’m exhausted :D””
:@anasaltikriti: ””@MoAnsar Excellent job covering the event. You’ve earned your keep my brother; enjoy the food:-)””
:@MoAnsar: ””@anasaltikriti Alhamdulillah you’ve disappeared into the shadows. Like all good superheroes ;)””
:@anasaltikriti: ””@MoAnsar As they say: My work is done here! Seriously though, very early start tomorrow. enjoy the rest of the evening and travel safely.””
:@MoAnsar: ””@anasaltikriti Jzk. And you too brother. To Watford tomorrow en route to Cambridge for an event but InshaAllah see you soon.””
:@anasaltikriti: ””@MoAnsar Let me know if there’s a chance for a tea stop in Harrow. We’d be delighted.””
:@MoAnsar: ””@anasaltikriti Alhamdulillah dear brother, I fear its only a very fleeting stop over in Watford to drop off the kids. Lots of prep to do :(“”
:@anasaltikriti: ””@MoAnsar Next time Insha’allah. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the Science Fest.””
:@MoAnsar: ””@anasaltikriti Jzk dear brother. If I didn’t have homework to do, I’d love to pop by. Discipline and sacrifice – sometimes no fun !””
:@anasaltikriti: ””@MoAnsar ‘Discipline and Sacrifice’. Sounds like someone’s still buzzing from last night’s @MuslimCouncil event:-) I know I am!””
:@MoAnsar: ””@anasaltikriti Ha! Perhaps. Just the harsh realities. Science, evolution and humanism. Need to be on my game tomorrow :)””
On 29 August 2012, Mohammed Ansar tweeted to his ””dear brother””:
:@MoAnsar: ”””English originated in Turkey”. Our #EDL and uber nationalist friends are going to love this. … (via @anasaltikriti)””

Ansar is a strong admirer and supporter of Morsi:
:18 November 2012: ””When President Morsi of Egypt spoke, he spoke words for all of us.””
:27 November 2012: ””Morsi is doing a great job at returning Egypt to its proper position, a jewel in the Islamic crown of Muslim majority nations.”
:8 December 2012 ””Morsi is by all accounts, an honourable, honest an pious man. He’s been elected leader which is a blessing…””
:23 December 2012: ””Morsi needs to be allowed to spearhead a new strong, and yes, Islamic revival in Egypt;””


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