Mohammed Ansar has “read almost everything” on evolution, and claims that “a leap of faith” is required regarding common descent, i.e. sharing a common ancestor with apes.
In February 2012, Mohammed Ansar tweeted:

@MoAnsar: “Oh dear. Another ‘missing link’ story on the BBC. So many fabrications over the decades. Human evolution, 2 million years. No thank you.”[878]

@MoAnsar: “Curious. Why have there been so many hoaxes to plug the evolution gap over the years.. and where exactly are all those missing links?”[879]

@MoAnsar: “Islam explains life & the universe – science, the Creator, evolution, interventions, pain, suffering – even delusions”[880]

On 21 Dec 2012, Mohammed Ansar blogged an interview by Robin Ince:
<blockquote>”When we come to evolution, the million dollar question I’m often asked is ‘do you do common descent?’. Well, for me the jury is in on natural selection and certainly on intra-species evolution. On common descent, the evidence doesn’t yet meet the high threshold, although I’m certainly not of a closed mind. Having read much on the subject, including more recently Coyne, Miller and the unirascible and softly treading Shermer, I’m not yet convinced on common descent.

Acceptance requires a gargantuan leap of faith and as a person of logic and reasoning, it’s not a leap I can make without the evidence. If my belief was founded on faith and not reason, blind trust and not knowledge, then perhaps that leap is easier to make.”[881]

On 13 Jan 2013, Mohammed Ansar retweeted:

@bbcbigquestions: “Nicky Campbell is on at 10 on BBC1 holding the ring on an extremely lively debate – Is it time all religions accepted evolution?”[882]

A debate ensued:

@rizzoo: “MoAnsar are you referring to the ‘theory’ of evolution?? Whatever it is, its still a theory bbctbq”[883]
@MoAnsar: “@rizzoo @bbcbigquestions Not all evolution can be bracketed together. #bbctbq”[884]
@rizzoo: “@MoAnsar @bbcbigquestions some species become better accustomed to their environment, it doesn’t follow that we came from apes #bbctbq”[885]
@inayatb: “@rizzoo @MoAnsar @bbcbigquestions We don’t ‘come from apes’. We share a common ancestor with apes. See http://tinyurl.com/aan8ybk #bbctbq”[886]
@MoAnsar: “inayatb rizzoo bbcbigquestions Now that bit is debatable, on the science. Read my piece.”[887]
@inayatb: “MoAnsar rizzoo bbcbigquestions Evidence for common descent is compelling. Read Robert Asher’s Evolution & Belief. He is on today’s prog.”[888]
‏@kalam2509: “@MoAnsar are u blocked from bbctbq as well as AN lol?”[889]
@‏MoAnsar:”inayatb rizzoo bbcbigquestions I’ve read almost everything. Not convinced on common descent. Too big a leap of faith reqd.”[890]
@‏MoAnsar: “kalam2509 I have a great relationship with Mentorn and bbcbigquestions. They are a great team.”[891]
@‏kalam2509: “MoAnsar bbcbigquestions would’ve great been to see u on the panel today!”[892]
@‏MoAnsar: “kalam2509 bbcbigquestions InshaAllah, another show. Did 2 or 3 last series + documentary.”[893]
@rizzoo: “inayatb MoAnsar bbcbigquestions compelling or not depends on your understanding but its still theoretical without hard evidence”[894]
@‏RyadAlly: “OFFICIAL: inayatb believes he comes from the Ape! Is that really so? rizzoo moansar bbcbigquestions TBQ pic.twitter.com/8VvsGSmM”[895]
@‏RyadAlly: “Bro inayatb do you really believe Muhammad (saw) and a zoo monkey has a common ancestor? Really? TBQ moansar rizzoo bbcbigquestions”[896]
@‏inayatb: “RyadAlly MoAnsar rizzoo bbcbigquestions Go and read a good science book before exposing ur ignorance to the world.”[897]
@SaifRRahman: “SaifR@inayatb @rizzoo @MoAnsar @bbcbigquestions Disagree with all of u. We dont come from apes; nor share commn ancestor with apes. We ARE apes.”[898]
@SaifRRahman: “@inayatb @rizzoo @MoAnsar @bbcbigquestions I suggest you all take look @ biological/zoological classification of ape species”[899]


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